11 ELBO Glass Products That You Need To Collect

Nov 9, 2022

Dinos, grinders, and plushies! Oh my! Have you checked out Elbo Glass’ new limited edition collection? If you love dinosaurs (I mean, who doesn’t), then Elbo’s latest collection is going to blow your mind. From dab mats and rolling trays to vinyl figures and keychains, Elbo has everything you need for a prehistoric obsession. Here are 11 Elbo Glass products that will make you want to start collecting:

1. Grinder

The Elbo Glass grinders come in 2 sizes, 55mm and 70mm. These limited edition grinders come in a 4-piece design that features sharp teeth for grinding dry herbs and a kief catcher with a scraper for gathering pulverized pollen. The Elbo grinders come in 4 shiny colors: Red, Gold, Black, and Silver.

2. Metal Rolling Tray

With so many kinds of different fun characters, you will want to collect Elbo’s metal rolling trays! The Elbo characters also collaborate with the brand GZ1 Whatever Forever. The metal rolling trays are designed with a flat surface for packing dry herbs, as well as including round and tall edges for preventing spillage.

3. Storage Jar

This storage jar is something you will want to keep with you at all times. It’s just so handy! Collaborated with GZ1, the Elbo storage jars are completely odor-proof and are also made from UV-protective black glass. With such extensive seals, these jars are perfect for stowing away your dry herbs. The Elbo storage jars come in 2 different sizes: 250g and 500g.

4. Ceramic Ashtray

These trendy ceramic trays are not only to die for but also very durable! The Elbo ceramic ashtrays are collaborated with GZ1’s Whatever Forever collection, featuring unique characters such as Puking Earth, a lazy chubby cat, and many more. These 4x4 ashtrays come with deep holders for placing burning cones and are also temperature resistant for holding out heat flow.

5. Silicone Ashtray

Great for portable use, the Elbo silicone ashtrays are 100% unbreakable. The silicone ashtray shows a dancing dinosaur and also features a curved holder for placing running cones. The Dancing Dinos Silicone Ashtrays come in two colors: blue and red. Take this ashtray anywhere and bring along the dancing dino for a session.

6. Dab Mat

For those who love a good dab sesh, this is the Elbo product for you! With a variety of fun dino characters, Elbo’s dab mat collection is something you’ll want to collect. From a group of vibrant dinosaurs to the happiest rays of sunshine, these mats are made from silicone for withstanding heat temperatures, as well as a helping hand to let dab rigs stay in place during a session.

7. Digital Scale

Hey, sometimes you just need to weigh tiny objects! The Elbo Glass H.R.E.A.M. Digital Scale is a professional, digital pocket scale that is used for measuring a small load of an object. The limited edition scale comes with 2 AAA batteries and has a max capacity of 500gx0.01g. This Elbo scale is personalized with their popular print of the acronym, “Hash Rules Everything Around Me,” on the top cover.

8. Keychains

Get your backpacks and your keys all Elbo-d out! The Elbo Glass keychains are double-sided rubber keychains and measure 2.75 inches tall. Elbo has also collaborated with artist Peter Muller and came out with a voodoo dinosaur keychain for the “Seamless” show.

9. Plush Figure

Oh, so CUTE! Collect or cuddle them. The Elbo plush figures come in different sizes and are stocked limitedly to a certain amount. From characters like Dino ApuGrey Steggo, and many more, you will want to get your hands on these soft plushies.

10. Vinyl Figure

Think action figures are cool? You’ll think these Elbo vinyl figures are doper. From steggo dinos to pterodactyls, each vinyl figure is a limited edition are stocked to a certain amount, so get your Elbo vinyl figure and start collecting.

11. Rugs

Your house is missing one thing—the Elbo rugs! The Dino Apu Rug is a part of Elbo’s limited edition dinosaur series. The dino rug comes in 2 sizes: 4 feet or 5 feet. Get warm this season with a cozy Elbo rug.

Don’t you just love all these neat and dino-themed Elbo products? Don’t you just want to start collecting them all? With so many kinds of accessories and items collaborated with different artists and brands, Elbo Glass seems to have it all.