2023 Got Vape Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 4, 2023

2023 Got Vape Holiday Gift Guide

As the winter winds bring a chill to the air, the holiday season offers us the perfect opportunity to warm up with the gift of vapor. Whether you're shopping for the seasoned connoisseur or someone looking to embark on a new journey into the winter wonderland of vaping, our 2023 Got Vape Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you navigate through an array of sleek, cutting-edge, and stylish vaporizers.

This year, give the gift of elevated experiences and aromatic delights with our curated collection of vaporizers that blends form and function. From pocket-sized wonders to sophisticated home setups, we've searched the market to present you with the most popular and advanced vaporizers available throughout the best of this year! Here are our top ten vaporizers of 2023:

Man holding Wulf Recon in front of park trail under natural lighting

Wulf Mods Recon

Spice up the holidays with the Wulf Mods Recon Cartridge Vaporizer – a discreet disposable device designed specifically for oil cartridges. This device boasts an LED display to monitor battery and voltage settings, accommodating 2-gram cartridges with three variable voltage options (2.8V-Green, 3.4V-Blue, and 3.8V-Red). Powered by a 650mAh battery, the Recon offers fast charging through its included USB-C cable. Choose from nine stylish colors, such as White-Black Spatter, Purple-Black Spatter, and Full Color.

White Wulf LX Slim standing on dark lightning textured display with packaging behind

Wulf LX Slim

The Wulf Mods LX Slim is the perfect gift to put into a Christmas stocking! This device is a compact dry herb vaporizer that has four temperature settings (360°F, 390°F, 410°F, and 440°F), an airflow tunnel, and an LED light indicator for easy use. Featuring a mesh screen for herb filtration and a seamlessly connected mouthpiece for consistent draws, the LX Slim is powered by a 900mAh battery, with fast charging facilitated by the included Type-C cable. The LX Slim comes in nine colors, like Black-Green Spatter and Teal-Black Spatter.

Lookah Turtle standing in front of wooden wall display

Lookah Turtle

Start the holiday cheer right with a puff from the Lookah Turtle! This versatile vaporizer is designed for both oil cartridges and wax concentrates. With a patented design, this discreet device offers easy single-button operation and draw activation for a smooth vaping experience. The Lookah Turtle accommodates 2ml 510 carts, providing flexibility to cater to various preferences and features three adjustable voltage settings (3.2V, 3.6V, or 3.9V). Its compact, palm-sized design ensures portability, ideal for on-the-go lifestyles. Featuring a 400mAh battery and rapid Type-C charging, this device minimizes downtime. The Turtle comes in eight colors, including neon green, orange, blue, and more.

Woman holding Exxus Go Plus in front

Exxus GO Plus

Stay cozy and warm with the best dabs from the Exxus GO Plus! Boasting a coil-less quartz tank, manual/auto mode, versatile temperature control, and a convenient magnetic attachment, this vaporizer comes complete with essential accessories like a glass carb cap, silicone tether, OLED display, and LED lights. Fueled by a 5200mAh battery, the GO Plus ensures rapid charging through its Type-C cable, promising to deliver a satisfying puff with every use.

Woman holding Puffco New Plus by a creek under natural lighting

Puffco New Plus

Puffco for the holidays is a sign of good luck! The Puffco New Plus features a streamlined 510 design, three easily selectable heat settings – Blue (Low), Green (Medium), and White (High). The Plus introduces a Sesh Mode, a 12-second heat cycle that eliminates the need for continuous button holding, allowing uninterrupted vapor enjoyment. Available in two sleek colors – Pearl and Onyx. Bring holiday cheer with this portable vape!

Woman holding Puffco Proxy Bloom over lavender butterfly statue

Puffco Proxy Bloom

Unwrap the limited edition Puffco Proxy Bloom Portable Concentrate Vaporizer! Radiating the spirit of spring with its captivating light lavender and sparkling silver accents, this vaporizer is a true seasonal gem. The Bloom Proxy offers a patented 3D Chamber delivering premium flavor, four precision heat settings, and a user-friendly single-button interface. The ceramic bowl with heating tracers, ensures consistent smooth hits and intensified flavors by vaporizing oil along the side walls. Don't miss the chance to gift or own this limited edition piece!

Woman holding Puffco New Peak Pro Desert by forest trail

Puffco New Peak Pro Desert

Highlighted in this year's holiday gift guide, the Puffco Peak Pro V2 Desert promises to elevate your sessions! Dressed in soft gold with polished champagne accents, the New Desert Peak Pro boasts a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Unlock the full potential of concentrates with its user-friendly single-button interface, customizable options through the Puffco Connect app, and a patented 3D Chamber. Enhanced with the Joystick Cap and precision laser-cut perc slots, the Desert Peak Pro optimizes water filtration for the ultimate hash experience—bring holiday cheer to your sessions now!

Woman holding G Pen Dash Plus in front of lavender background under red lighting

G Pen Dash Plus

Featured in this year's holiday gift guide, the G Pen Dash Plus by Grenco Science is an advanced portable dry herb vaporizer succeeding its popular predecessor. With a Titanium chamber and hybrid convection-conduction heating system, it reaches optimal temperature in just 20 seconds for remarkable vapor quality. The intuitive 3-button interface, LED display, and durable zinc-alloy casing make for effortless real-time session control. Designed for extended on-the-go use, it packs a long-lasting 1800mAh lithium-ion battery with USB-C charging. Elevate your gifting game this holiday season – grab the Dash Plus now!

Man holding Sutra SILO Pro apart with cartridge inside in front of blue studio background

Sutra SILO Pro

Highlighted in this season's holiday gift guide is the Sutra SILO Pro—the perfect companion for enjoying your favorite cartridge discreetly! With a 510-thread magnetic connection, this device cleverly disguises itself as a disposable vape. The Pro, equipped with auto-draw activation, offers three temperature settings (2.8V, 3.4V, and 3.8V) and boasts fast preheat functionality. A standout feature of this innovative device is its remarkable 2-gram oil material capacity, setting it apart from other cartridge vaporizers. Elevate your vaping experience and grab the SILO Pro for a truly unique and discreet gift this holiday season!

Woman pulling Exxus Snap VV Pro out of her pocket

Exxus Snap VV Pro

Bring the best puffs of clouds this holiday with the Exxus Snap VV Pro! This versatile cartridge vaporizer accommodates up to 11mm cartridges, offering a broader range of use. Compact at 3.15 inches tall and approximately 2 inches wide, it's ideal for on-the-go use. Powered by a 550mAh battery, this device ensures fast charging with the included USB-C cable. Boasting modern features like a 510-thread magnetic attachment, adjustable voltage output (1.8V-4.2V), temperature controls, and an LED screen for vital information, the Snap VV Pro comes in seven vibrant colors: Sunset, Glacier, Envy, Galaxy, Raven, Smoke, and Prism. Give this vaporizer now for an exceptional holiday gift!

As the festive season unfolds, we hope our holiday gift guide has provided you with inspiration and ideas to make your gift-giving truly special. Whether you're seeking the perfect vaporizer, stylish accessories, or innovative tech, our curated selection aims to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. At Got Vape, we wish you a holiday season filled with warmth, laughter, and the joy of giving as you share thoughtful presents with your loved ones. Happy Holidays!