3 Must-Have Auto-Drawn Vapes

Jan 11, 2023

3 Must Have Auto Drawn Vapes with Sutra Silo

No buttons, no problem! If you want to puff your oils in a quick motion, then give auto-drawn devices a try. An auto-drawn vaporizer is a buttonless implement that works as soon as you attach a cartridge to the battery—easily inhale and puff! Here are three popular auto-drawn vapes that you will want to try:

Sutra silo in woman's hands with red nails

Sutra SILO

If you’re looking for an oil vape to bring out in public easily, then the Sutra SILO Vaporizer is a perfect choice. Portraying a disposable exterior, the SILO is a 510-threaded vaporizer that is designed for discreet sessions. The SILO features two temperature settings (3.0V & 3.8V) and fast preheat functionality. This device is also available in six colors: Pearl, Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Full Color, and Blue.

Exxus Slim Auto Draw in man's hands in front of office desk

Exxus Slim Auto Draw

Powered by a rechargeable 280mAh battery, the Exxus Slim Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer is a pen-style device great for portable uses. The Slim features a 510 connection for universal threading and a USB port for fast charges—just a simple twist, puff, and enjoy! The Exxus Slim is available in 11 colors, including Gold and Cosmic Green.

Sutra Auto standing on top of planter

Sutra Auto

The Sutra Auto Cartridge Vaporizer presents a simple, minimalistic design and is powered by a 390mAh battery. The Auto features a magnetic 510-thread adapter that snaps right onto the device and accommodates larger cartomizers for wider cartridges. This device also includes LED indicator lights and a micro-USB for fast charging capabilities. The Sutra Auto is available in eight colors: Pearl, Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Full Color, and Blue.


Auto-drawn vapes are incredibly unique and user-friendly! The Sutra Auto, Exxus Slim, and Sutra SILO are three strong devices that provide the most tasteful and luscious hits of your oils. Enjoy every single puff with ease, and visit us at GotVape.com.