3 Reasons Why Everyone is Switching to Vaping Herbs

Jan 25, 2023

3 Reasons Why Everyone is Switching to Vaping Herbs

Enjoying sessions with a puff from a classic hand pipe gives such a nostalgic and definitive feel. Today, however, vaporizing dry herbs has gained popularity over the years and has evolved more by providing advanced features for the best inhales. Smoking your dry herbs from a hand pipe, water pipe, or rolled cone is still a thrill to have in a session, but here are the three main reasons why vaporizing herbs has taken admiration by storm:

Storz & Bickel Onyx Volcano Classic

Vaping is an Investment and Saves You Money

If you really think about it, vapes last longer than any smoking apparatus. High-quality vapes are reliable and range from about $30-$700. A vape device’s maximum price can be surprising, but keep in mind that vaporizers are an investment that will pay off immediately and last a long time. Vapes have advanced technology with astounding features like adjustable temperature settings, preheat functionality, auto shut-off, and so much more.

If you’re looking for an affordable vaporizer, check out the Wulf Mods Flora or the Yocan Vane.

Sutra Mini in woman's hand in an arcade

Vaporizing Herbs is Actually More Potent

According to Storz & Bickel, makers of the Volcano Classic Vaporizer, dry herbs do not get destroyed when you vaporize them, making each more potent. This is why vapes have smaller bowls than hand and water pipes—you don’t need to use too much of your herbs.

Exxus Mini Plus in woman's hand in a meadow

Vaping is Portable and Discreet

Let’s face it, smoking herbs from a pipe or a rolled cone is never really a secret. Smoking herbs produce larger clouds with a distinct smell, making sessions very noticeable in public. On the other hand, vaporizing herbs hides the smell and delivers fainter clouds. Vapes are very small; most are 2 inches minimum and are perfect for portable sessions. Moreover, vaporizers come with variable voltage settings, allowing complete temperature control. Vaping herbs is convenient, discreet, and always provides the smoothest inhales. Check out the Sutra Mini or the Exxus Mini Plus!


At Got Vape, we want to provide you with the best vaporizing experience as possible. From convenience to the most delectable flavors of your herbs, vaping offers plenty of beneficial factors you will enjoy in every session. Make sure to look into more of our vaporizers at GotVape.com!