4 NEW Must-Have E-Rigs For You To Try

May 8, 2023

Four Must-Have E-Rigs for You to Try with Exxus Go Plus in man's handExperience the ultimate dabbing session with our latest collection of electronic dab rigs! Our selection of top-quality products promises exceptional vapor production and unbeatable flavor profiles for your favorite wax concentrates. Featuring some of the most popular brands, these e-rigs will take your dabbing game to the next level. Here are four must-try e-rigs that will leave you amazed:

Exxus Go Plus in man's hands under vibrant studio lighting

Exxus GO Plus

The Exxus Vape GO Plus is the epitome of a game-changer! The GO Plus is the ultimate wax concentrate device equipped with a coil-less quartz tank, manual/auto mode, broad temperature control, and a magnetic attachment. This vaporizer is a game-changer. It also has a glass carb cap, silicone tether, OLED display, and LED lights. The 5200mAh battery and Type-C cable provide fast charging, making it the ideal choice for your dab sessions!

G Pen Hyer resting on dark office countertop

G Pen Hyer

Upgrade your dabs with the portable and powerful G Pen Hyer. This versatile device can be used with concentrates and even dried herbs! The Hyer is compatible with any glass-on-glass water piece and has a quartz heating element with a 6,000mAh rechargeable battery to provide an unparalleled vaping experience. The concentrate tank has a custom-stamped stainless steel heating element and a full Quartz chamber for optimal vaporization. The kit includes a concentrate tank cap, a stainless steel wax tool, a 14mm male glass adapter, and a hemp travel case. This kit is well-crafted with top-notch materials and is perfect for any vaper seeking a portable and versatile session.

Man holding Wulf Mods Pillar under blue and purple studio lighting

Wulf Mods Mini Pillar

Experience the best dabs with the Wulf Mods Pillar Mini E-Rig! The world's 1st smart E-rig with TGT heating technology features a zinc alloy body, magnetic connection, and adjustable airflow. With three voltage settings, a 10-second preheat mode, and a 30-second safety cutoff, this device is powered by a 1300mAh battery and includes a Type-C port for fast charging. This device comes in eight different colors, including Black-Green Spatter, White-Red Spatter, and more. The Pillar is the ultimate choice for unforgettable dabbing sessions!

Lookah Limited Edition Dragon Egg standing on black display in front of teal studio lighting

Lookah Limited Edition Dragon Egg

The Lookah Dragon Egg Limited Edition Full Color E-rig offers a magical touch to your dab sessions. It boasts an LED indicator light, magnetic flip cap, and display screen that shows vital information. The device includes a 950mAh battery with adjustable voltage, 10-second preheat functionality, and a 710 coil for quick heating. It delivers smooth hits and milky rips, with its sturdy and ergonomic borosilicate material and rounded edges providing a comfortable grip. This limited edition E-rig is perfect for any dabbing enthusiast.

Elevate your dabbing game with Wulf Mods, Lookah, Exxus, and G Pen, and experience an unparalleled session. Indulge in the smoothest hits and highest quality vapor with these new e-rigs that will satisfy you. Also, visit GotVape.com to stay updated with our latest products!