4 Steps To keeping Your Dry Herb Vape Clean

Nov 2, 2022

Keeping your dry herb vaporizer can be challenging, but Got Vape is here to help you solve that issue! We know that cleaning dry herb vaporizers can be sticky and messy, but with the right cleaning products and solutions, your problem will be solved in no time.

1. Dissemble your dry herb vape

Depending on the type of vaporizer, every dry herb vape has its own different type of part. First, we would like to assist you in looking over your vaporizer’s original manual. You can’t just clean the visible areas, as that does not help nor clean out any built-up residues.

2. Brush out and clean the small parts!

Once you have taken every bit apart, grab the cleaning spoolie brush that came with your vaporizer kit or any pipe cleaner to brush out all the dried, used herbs and other maintaining residues.

Then, soak the small parts (filter and mouthpiece) in a tiny bowl of warm water with a few drops of dish soap or diluted rubbing alcohol. Once your filter and mouthpiece are soaked, use the Got Vape Disinfectant Wipes 100pk to get rid of the leftover residues.

3. Water is key to cleaning the inside of your vape

You will only need water and a dab swab to clean the insides of your vape. Do not use rubbing alcohol to clean the interior of your dry herb vaporizer. Next, use a dab swab (we recommend using the Wulf Mods Cotton Dab Swab 300pk) and a few drops of water to saturate the cotton. Wipe the dirt off of the tank, heating chamber, or heating element with the saturated dab swab until it is visibly clean.

4. Exterior for a brand new look!

Last but not least, use the Got Vape Disinfectant Wipes 100pk to clean the exterior of your vape. Try not to wipe over important open areas such as its charging port. Once you are pleased with its exterior look, put each part back together, and finally, get ready to taste the flavors of your favorite dry herbs!

We told you it wasn’t that hard! A clean, dry herb vaporizer means a better taste of your flower. Got Vape is always here to help you get the best session out of your devices; if you have any other questions or concerns on how to clean your dry herb vaporizer, please reach out to our customer service: (888) 827-3101.