42 Nicknames for Marijuana

May 1, 2017

42 Nicknames for Marijuana

The Gold Standard of Marijuana Nicknames

Let's start with the most popular and universal monikers for cannabis. Wherever you go, these are names that even those who don't use the good herb can recognize:







Joint technically refers to a marijuana cigarette, of course, but it's assumed the role of nickname because the word immediately conveys an association with cannabis. Ganja is a little more exotic because it is actually the Sanskrit word for hemp. Of course, weed is the most universal of the bunch.

Humorous Nicknames for Cannabis

Some marijuana nicknames are just downright funny. In many cases, these names were originally designed to be derogatory but were ultimately embraced by the cannabis subculture.

 Wacky Tobaccy

 Magic Dragon

 Wacky Weed

 Loco Weed

 Happy Cigarette


Reefer and Magic Dragon have been used in Hollywood films which portray the cannabis user in either a funny or nefarious light. Reefer Madness was produced in 1936 as an anti-marijuana film and became a cult classic that is often enjoyed with a bowl of the very thing it denigrates. And who can forget Robert DeNiro accusing Ben Stiller of puffing the magic dragon in Meet the Parents.

The Exotic Side of Weed Nicknames

Some of these nicknames have an exotic feel and sound. They just roll off the tongue better than others. When you want to sound like a Connoisseur of the Chronic, these will fit the bill.


 Mary Jane


 Panama Gold


 Mexican Red

 Acapulco Gold

 Black Gold

A few of these exotic names are actually inspired by strains of cannabis. Over time, the names assumed a more general reference. Ganja is actually the Sanskrit word for hemp, while Mary Jane was originally used as a code word for marijuana.

Crass Marijuana Monikers

Okay, not all the names for marijuana fall on the classy end of the scale. If you are feeling down and dirty about getting, well, down and dirty, here are a few names that will work:



 Hay Butt


 Kate Bush


 Rough Stuff

 Sticky Icky

 Finger Lid

The Best of the Rest

If you break out one of these for your 4/20 celebration, you'll earn mad respect for your marijuana prowess.

 Love Boat


 Fallbrook Redhair


 Lakbay Diva

 Dinkie Dow


 Rainy Day Woman

 Cavite All Star

 Indian Boy

 Hawaiian Homegrown Hay


 Pack of Rocks

Whatever they may choose to call it, cannabis lovers will agree that 4/20 is the perfect time to indulge. The more celebrations you participate in are just more opportunities to use these nicknames and others, because 4/20 is all about enjoyment and having a good time.