5 Tips Using Dry Herb Vapes for Beginners

Jun 10, 2019

5 Tips on Using a Dry Herb Vape for Beginners

5 Tips on Using a Dry Herb Vape for Beginners

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers are devices that allow users to enjoy their favorite dry herb blends. Taking over the industry these vapes heat up the flower to produce vapor for those delicious sessions. They rose in popularity because they are easy to use (once you get the hang of it), provide great portability and offer complete discretion.

Coming in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes dry herb vapes are a reliable, economic and a convenient choice for a better overall experience with your herbal medication. Simply add your dry herb into the chamber, place it on top of the heating element and you’re ready to enjoy. Or if you have a dry herb oil, screw the cartridge to the vape battery and you'll be set to go.

Here are a few good tips to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Understand the Different Types of Vaping Devices

Like stated earlier, dry herb vaporizers come in a variety of sizes and styles. The two main types are portable vape pen and desktop vaporizers.

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Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers or Herbal Vape Pens as they are known are small, handheld vapes that allow users to use their favorite herbs on the go. Shaped like the size of the average pen, they are ergonomically designed, fitting comfortably in the hand. This means you can easily fit one inside of your pocket or bag without it bulging out. Utilizing a compact, petite design portable vaporizers are perfect for any vaper.

Not to be confused with batteries, the part of the vaporizer that powers the device, portable vapes often include either a pre-filled cartridge or a fillable one, the battery and the mouthpiece. Working together, they deliver enjoyable sessions.

A lot of beginners prefer pre-filled or all-in-one vaporizers as they are filled and ready to go. As a beginner it's typically easier to get the hang of, all is left would be picking the flavor and dosage.

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Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are powerful, stationary devices that need to be plugged into a power source while in use for top performance. They have a strong, powerful stable source, which usually makes for increased vapor production and more efficient usability. More for the experienced vaper, desktop vaporizers generally incorporate larger chambers and a longer battery life, making it require less refills and recharges than a portable vaporizer.

Desktop vaporizers feature a variety of intake methods, such as balloons, whips or water pipe extensions for versatile use. Because they include such advancements, desktop vapes are usually more expensive in price than other styles of vaporizers.

Tip 2: Not All Batteries are Compatible with All Cartridges

The industry standard for all batteries is the 510 thread. This always makes most batteries and cartridges to be compatible but it is not a guarantee. In fact, some brands employ cartridges that require a push battery, while other cartridges require a battery with variable temperatures settings. It all depends on the cartridge and the type of battery you have. To stay on the safe side, stick to a 510 battery as they are universal meaning, they’ll be compatible with pretty much anything.

There is another style of battery called mods. Those are the batteries that are going to give off those massive clouds. A lot of people think you can take those big mods and that you can simply apply a cartridge to them, and it will work but that’s not the case. The biggest problem with those mods is the fact that the temperature settings or voltages can go up so high and oftentimes even at the lowest temperature, they are still too high to be used with a dry herb oil cartridge.

Tip 3: How to Operate the Battery

Using a dry herb vaporizer is super easy to use. Before using your vaporizer, you are going to want to charge it for an hour or two. Make sure not to charge it longer as you can overcharge your device which can affect the overall performance. Many vaporizers include a USB charger that allows the device to power up with ease. A good sign to look for is the vaporizer holding a solid red light when charging that will turn green when ready to be used.

For most vaporizers, to power it on you must click the power button five times rapidly. Make sure to do it fast the device will not register the action if not done quick enough. Once it turns on a light should be displayed signaling the device is ready to use.

Now comes one of two things. For a dry herb oil vape you power on the device, inhale and you’re in business. For a traditional dry herb vaporizer, you load the chamber with your materials, open the mouthpiece, pack the chamber with your herbs about ¼ or halfway as you don’t want to overfill the chamber, then you’re ready to vape. Close the mouthpiece and set your vaporizer to your preferred temperature.

Typically, it will take about 10 to 60 seconds to heat up to the selected temperature. Depending on the vaporizer a green light will show to signify that it is ready. Take a slow, deep inhale from the mouthpiece. The harder you draw, the faster and cooler the chamber will get.

It is important to preheat your vaporizer before using it. If not it is possible that you won’t get any vapor and it takes additional time to heat up while you continue trying to take draws. When you preheat your vaporizer, you are giving it enough time to heat up to your desired temperature before you start vaping.

Tip 4: Pick the Right Temperature for You

Different temperatures serve different vaping needs. Typically, the higher you set the temperature, the closer you are to a smoke-like experience with intense clouds. But here’s the kicker; with 90% of vaporizers, the higher you set your temperature the more flavor will produce.

So, what’s the high and lower temperatures? Here’s a guide to help you out:

Low-level vaping temperatures

320°F(160°C) – 356°F(180°C) effects:

Light clouds, will feel the effects of mental medication

Very weak bodily effects

Best for flavor

Mid-level vaping temperatures

356°F(180°C) – 392°F(200°C) effects:

Moderate clouds, moderate to strong mental and physical medication

Mental and bodily effects both equally apparent

Good for flavor

High-level vaping temperatures

392°F(200°C) – 446°F(230°C) effects:

Intense clouds and hits. Extreme mental and physical medication

Bodily effects will be very strong

Harsh flavor

If you feel like you are not feeling the effects of your dry herb, check your temperature and turn the dial up a bit to experiment. Find the right spot for you.

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Tip 5: Keep Your Vaporizer Clean

This might seem obvious, but it is important to keep your vaporizer clean.

It’s extremely important to keep your herb chamber, vapor path and especially the screens in the vapor path clear of any residues. Same with your oil cartridge vapes, you want to make sure it is clean so that you can have a good connection.

Most vaporizers can easily be cleaned with ISO alcohol or Q-Tips dipped in ISO alcohol. Remember, never just dip your entire vaporizer in ISO alcohol. This could lead to your device not performing properly.

Also, before using your device again, make sure it is completely dry. You do not want to use your device right after as it can cause shorts and not give you the best possible performance.

We hope these tips lead you to the best vaping experience possible and help you get the hang of this vaping thing.

Happy Vaping!


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