7 Best Selling Vaporizers For You and Your Vape Pals

Nov 16, 2022

Sleek clouds and smooth inhales are the things that all vapers dream of after purchasing a brand new vape. At Got Vape, we offer a variety of the best selling vaporizers for your ideal session. From the Exxus Twistr to the Puffco Peak Pro, we have all kinds of devices that will suit every material you use—dry herbs, oil cartridges, wax concentrates; you name it! If you love a good silky puff, these devices are the vaporizer for you:


1. Exxus Slim Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

Match your favorite oil cartridge to the Exxus Slim Auto Draw Vaporizer! With its simple 510-thread connection, most oil cartridges can attach right to the Slim by just an easy twist. The Slim utilizes a ceramic coil for a denser hit and also features an adjustable voltage setting (3.4V-4.0V). Write down the Slim Auto Draw on your wish list for this upcoming holiday season; it’ll be one of the best gifts you’ll ever receive.

2. Puffco Peak Pro Guardian

Minimalism at its finest! The Puffco Peak Pro Guardian is the latest device that everyone’s been talking about on the market. If wax concentrates are your favorite way to puff, then you will need to try the Guardian at least once in your lifetime. This popular device features real-time temperature control, a large sealed ceramic chamber, Bluetooth capability, and wireless charging. With all of its luxurious features, the Peak Pro also has haptic feedback for alerting vape data. Be merry this holiday season and bring home the Peak Pro Guardian for a perfectly splendid session.

3. Exxus Snap VV Mini

If you love vaping oil cartridges on the go, then the Exxus Snap VV Mini is the vaporizer for you! The Snap VV Mini is about 2 inches, making it great for transportation and portability. Accommodating up to 11mm cartridges, the VV Mini features 510-thread magnetic adapters, 4 voltage settings (3.4V-4.0V), and high-rate discharge lithium-ion battery. The Mini is available in 6 colors: Black Tech, Full Color Tech, Pearl, Silver Tech, Gold Tech, and Gunmetal Tech. Take the VV Mini anywhere you go during this cold season, and have it keep you warm!

4. Exxus MiNovo

If powerful hits, patterns, and trends are what you are looking for in a portable vaporizer, the Exxus MiNovo might strike your eye! Powered by a 470mAh battery, the MiNovo features 510-thread magnetic adapters, fast preheat functionality, and LED indicators. The MiNovo also includes a variable voltage setting (3.4V-4.0V) and comes in 5 different colors and designs, including Cosmic Black-Gold Cobra and Unicorn.

5. Yocan Vane

Puffing dry herbs from a vape is a whole different vibe! The Yocan Vane is a dry herb vaporizer that features a 1100mAh battery, a magnetic mouthpiece, and a removable ceramic filter. The Vane includes haptic feedback, which is a smart vibration notification, and a 30-second preheat functionality. This device also reaches a maximum temperature of 480°F. The Vane comes in 5 colors: Champagne, Sky Blue, Silver, Red, and Black.

6. Wulf Mods Next

Another one for the books! The Wulf Mods Next is a dry herb vaporizer that features haptic feedback, 30 second heat up time, 5 temperature settings (356°F-428°F), and rapid USB charging. This device is very simple to clean as each part is easy to take apart. If you like to distinctly taste the quality of your dry herbs, then the Wulf Next is the next vape that you need on your wish list. The Next comes in 5 colors such as Full Color, Gunmetal, and Green.

7. Exxus Twistr

With its thin, compact shape, the Exxus Twistr is a cartridge vaporizer perfect for portable use. Employed by a twisted 510-thread connection, this device features a single power button, an adjustable temperature range (2.0V-4.2V), and a 15-second preheat functionality. The Twistr comes in 9 colors such as Gold, Full Color, and Cosmic Green. Add the Exxus Twistr to your holiday wish list or gift it to one of your friends who enjoys a classic oil cartridge session.

Grab one of these best selling vaporizers while they are still in stock! With the holiday season coming up, plan out what you are wanting from your sessions. From trendy designs to the longest battery life, Got Vape has everything you need to experience massive clouds.