A Guide to Vape Chargers: Different Types and Usage

May 22, 2023

A Guide to Vape Chargers: Different Types and UsageNo matter how impressive the battery capacity of a vaping device may be, it still requires significant time for charging compared to its actual usage. Understanding the charging process and utilizing a vape charger correctly becomes essential to enhance your overall vaping experience.

Just like with new computers or phones, you charge them correctly using the correct cables and the proper amount of time it is plugged in. These measures are taken to maximize the battery's lifespan. Applying the same level of care to your vaping device's battery is equally manageable, as it will prolong its longevity before requiring replacement. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the various vape battery chargers available. Additionally, understanding the procedures for charging a vape device is vital—this guide to vape chargers will provide you with all the necessary information on these subjects and your sessions.

What Kind of Vape Chargers Are Available?

Typically, vaping devices are charged through a USB port, where you connect the device to a power source, and the battery begins to charge. Alternatively, some devices allow charging by connecting the charger to the device's 510 threading or by removing the battery and using a charger offered from the original vape package.

510-Thread Pen Chargers

Most vaping devices lacked USB ports and relied on 510 threading instead. To charge such batteries, it was necessary to detach the cartridge from the device and connect the charger. While this design is not so famous for contemporary e-liquid vaping devices, screw-in pen chargers are still widely used for charging 510 batteries with vape cartridges. The 510-thread pen chargers could work for the Exxus Slim Auto Draw, Exxus Twistr, Exxus Tap VV, and more.

Type-C Chargers

A vaporizer’s new default charger, Type-C, utilizes the latest charging technology. These charging cables are identical to the ones included with products that employ the same charging technology, making them the official replacement for the USB-C charging cable that accompanies your vaporizers. The Type-C Charger is specifically designed for next-generation devices. One notable advantage of USB-C is its reversible nature in terms of ports and cables. This means you no longer have to worry about checking the orientation of the port and cable when plugging it in, as there is no right or wrong way to connect the cable to the device's charging port. This feature, often called reverse insertion, allows for convenient cable plugging in either direction. Constructed with robust materials, this charger is designed to endure the rigors of everyday use and frequent travel, ensuring its durability and reliability.

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Vape

Regardless of whether your vaping device features a built-in or removable battery, it is crucial to prioritize proper battery care to ensure reliable and long-lasting power delivery. This is particularly important for built-in batteries because replacing the entire device becomes necessary. Even with removable batteries, preserving their longevity is vital, considering the cost of quality vape batteries. Typically, a lithium-ion battery can endure numerous charge-discharge cycles before experiencing a significant reduction in capacity.

Maintaining moderate temperatures is key in using, charging, and storing your vape batteries. Extreme hot or cold conditions can significantly deplete a battery's charge at an accelerated rate. Moreover, subjecting a battery to extremely high temperatures can potentially lead to overheating concerns. Generally, lithium-ion batteries perform best when kept within a comfortable room temperature range.

Also, make sure to preserve the capacity of your batteries, as it is advisable to recharge them before they reach a fully depleted state. Allowing a battery to drain completely accelerates internal chemical changes that permanently decrease its capacity. By proactively recharging your batteries before they are fully drained, you can help extend their overall lifespan.

To keep the longevity and durability of your vaporizers, it is essential to ensure correct and proper charging practices. You can maintain their lifespan and ensure optimal performance by charging your vaporizers correctly. Also, check out GotVape.com for other parts and accessories to complete your vaporizing experience.