Disposable Bars vs Vape Mods

Mar 23, 2020

Disposable Bars vs Vape Mods Which is Better?

Disposable Bars vs Vape Mods, Which is Better?

Disposable Bars: Simple and Easy

Disposable Bars

Let’s start you off with Disposable Bars!

Disposable Bars or disposable vape pens are small devices meant for single use. Once the battery dies or runs out of e-liquid you can just throw the entire device away. The reason these bars are preferred by some vapers is because of its low cost and ease of use. Ranging around $15 or more, they allow the user to take it wherever they choose to enjoy. Arriving to the market about mid to end of 2017, these bars have gained a lot of traction for people who don’t want the fuss of a traditional vaporizer device. Typically, a disposable bar is going to give the user about 200 to 300 puffs, roughly the same amount as your typical pod.

Some pros of disposable bars are they are completely easy to use making them great for every type of user, especially beginners. As a device, users don’t need to hassle over coils, e-liquids or anything like that because the device is ready to go.

Disposable bars also have the advantage of requiring no maintenance at all! No charging, no cleaning, just vape and go. Normally pretty small, these devices take up little to no room so you can use it anywhere and everywhere.

With pros, there has to be cons! Although disposable bars are easy to use, they can’t be used every day, unless you are trying to spend a pretty penny! $10-$15 dollars might not seem like a lot but spending that every day starts to add up! Because of their single use if a user wanted another, they would have to buy a whole new device.

Lastly, disposable bars are easy to knock off! A lot of disposables are being copied, selling overseas as fakes. Consumers get their device expecting one thing and ending up with something completely different. This is why it is important to always buy from a reputable retailer.

Vape Mods: Power and Clouds!

Various vape mods

Now let’s talk about Vape Mods!

Vape Mods are larger vaporizer devices known for their advanced features and vapor production. Larger than your average vape or e-cigarette, they take its cue from the traditional vape but enhances it or modifies, which is where the ‘Mod’ name comes from. These modifications or advancements take many forms. From its size which allows for larger batteries to its tank that holds much more liquid than a disposable bar. Ranging about $30 dollars or more these refillable devices allow the user to fill it with the e-liquid of its choosing with multiple days of use. They can also be recharged, can have their batteries replaced and come in a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes, unlike a disposable bar. They are often the choice of serious vapers because they are an investment.

Vape Mods have a lot of pros. Unlike disposable bars, they offer a lot of variety. With a vape mod the user is in charge. They get to pick the e-liquid, nicotine strength and often the voltage the device outputs. They often employ superior mechanisms used to heat up the e-liquid, often more powerful than your average vape pen.

They are also known for the huge amount of vapor it produces. With built in coil and adjustable settings vape mods push out much more clouds than you’ll see in other devices. Vape mods will allow usage of coils that have less than an ohm of resistance, or sub-ohm. Sub-ohm coils allow significantly more wattage to travel through the coil which results in increased output of the coil. This means with sub-ohm the vapor will be potent, often times warmer and more flavorful.

One other convenient aspect of vape mods is they give the user a better view of the remaining battery power. Many vape mods use two or more external batteries that have at least one power bar telling you how much battery is remaining. Many vape mods will give you a battery level meter of each individual battery in the mod.

Although it has a lot of positives, they are some cons. Like other consumable based products, vape mods cost money! No matter the shapes, style or color these devices will cost you some coins, often ranging upwards of $40 dollars or more plus the cost of replacing tanks, coils, etc. the cost could add up.

Lastly, vape mods aren’t for the beginners! They wouldn’t be described as a starter device or one you can just pick up and learn. With advanced hardware, these devices require some knowledge of vaping and the device itself. However, there are a lot of starter kits for beginners that make the transition over to vaping an ease.

Which is Right for You?

So, now you’re wondering which is right for you. Well it all comes down to what you value. If you want something you can take on the go, wherever you want or for a short use, disposable bars are the way to go. They are no fuss, just vape then throw away. If you like more variety, more features, more customization then vape mods are your choice! They offer power, give you the ability to choose and deliver grand clouds. Although more expensive, they often offer more quality!

Either way, both will have you enjoying delicious flavor profiles in no time!

We hope you found this useful and made your decision that much easier. Be on the lookout for more blogs and leave your opinion in the comments.

Happy Vaping!


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