Elevate Your Sessions with Extravagant Glass & Accessories

May 6, 2024
Elevate Your Sessions with Extravagant Glass & Accessories

One of the most important functions of your pipe or vaporizer, that is also one of the most overlooked, is do you like the way the piece looks. When you see your device or pipe from across the room, does it make you smile? Bring to mind thoughts and feelings of your favorite quiet place to relax? A story or film you are in love with? No matter what stimulates your imagination, there is a piece out there that will connect with you visually in ways you hadn’t even considered.

That is why in this Vape Blog we wanted to both celebrate and shine a spotlight on exquisitely designed pieces that take creativity to a whole new level. The artistry on display is meant to demonstrate how having a bespoke piece such as these, can boost your session vibes to entirely new heights.

Why Art Matters to Your Session

Before taking a gander at some of these gorgeous designs themselves, let’s take a moment to learn a little bit more about why exactly creative works make human beings happier.

Researchers from UC Berkeley have studied the phenomenon related to awe inspiring art making us more empathetic and positive about life. Fantastically designed pipes and vaporizers that almost defy the imagination, as to both why and how this piece came about, generates the same exact feelings of awe as another other grand piece of art.

That means when you take out one of these pieces or accessories, you are stimulating both your imagination and that of everyone participating in the session. This influx of both positive energy and creative spirit are a hidden fifth element in the architecture of achieving the most elevated of sessions.

Art that is also functional allows us all to break out of the monotony and sameness of the day to day in order to appreciate the little things once again. This is why we wanted to point out some amazingly designed pieces in order to infuse your collection with a hit of artistic joy.

Empire Glassworks Spoon Pipes

At Peace With Nature

Embrace your natural foresty side by checking out the Mossy Log Dry Hand Pipe from Empire Glassworks and have a piece that smiles back at you. This pipe is no bump on a lug either, it's been highlighted with two different types of mushrooms and intricate green moss to direct the holder’s thoughts to a serene forest clearing where this log would exist. Crawling around the Mossy Log Pipe are a mixture of ladybugs and a slug, miniature organisms that share our world on a miniature scale. Send your thoughts cascading through what life would be like as one of these tiny little creepy crawlies as you almost meditatively roast your favorite dry herb. Trust us when we say the combination is a treat as sublime as the most elegant of nature walks.

Another absolutely stunning piece from Empire Glassworks is their Mushroom Dry Hand Pipe and continues the theme of nature but with a red & white capped mushroom theme. This piece looks distinctively like the iconic amanita mushroom (now available in gummy form!!!) that has won over the hearts and minds of so many thanks to the singular experiences they provide and their abundance in pop culture. These large mushrooms seem to almost leap off of the piece itself to send your mind wandering about previous experiences, or get you planning new ones in your head for the future!

Killer Dab Torches

In a different direction than the intricately designed glass pieces, we have the mind blowing Yocan Red Series Katana Torch that looks and feels just like the hilt of a real life katana! The amount of positive feelings cannot be underestimated, as you will feel an instant rush when you wrap your hand around this one.

Every dabbing session you have from now on will be one where you can’t help but smile as your fingers wrap around the faux katana and imagine yourself fighting battles as epic as the cloud you're about to blow. For further tailoring your artistic mood, you can choose to customize your Katana Torch with a choice of 3 mood enhancing colors including yellow, pink, and blue.

Also included within the Yocan Red series is another awe inspiring piece, the Beef Torch and its tough looking handgun inspired design. This torch allows you to literally pull the trigger on your dabs, as you expertly heat your banger all the while feeling like your dabbing like only John Wick could.

Stokes Pipe on reflective marble surface

Abstract Excellence

In a different direction from the previous pieces that were inspired from real life, there also exists the abstract angle to examine. A perfect example of this is the 10 Inch Dab Rig with Multi Designed Pearls from GV Glass Distro, this absolute stunner was built to cause your brain to double over backwards as you examine the intricacies of its different colors and highlights. With melting amorphous shapes colored with swirling patterns, this Dab Rig demonstrates just how awe inspiring a piece can be and how just the act of viewing this piece causes you to feel happier. Click through the four color options to see how the yellow, green, orange, and red themed pieces individually speak to your aesthetic pleasures.

This Stokes 5 Inch Glass Bubbler Hand Pipe is another abstract masterpiece to keep your eyes on as there is just so much going on in this piece it’s hard to know where to start. Upon first seeing this pipe your mind races as you try to understand its curvatures, and how they interact with the almost hypnotizing swirls of black and white that highlight this amazing piece. When you pack this bubbler up you are engaging all of your senses in a unique manner that your brain isn’t as used to, thus making it a more rewarding experience over all.

Stokes brings the artistry all the way home by taking the step to have six different designs available to choose between. These are no simple color options, these are fundamentally different designs that mix patterns and colors to evoke entirely different emotions in the soul. Make sure to look over each option to see which one makes your eyes feel that hit of instant relief, peace at first sight if you will.

In Summation

Now that we’ve had a look at some of the aesthetically stimulating experiences that can be provided by your pipes and accessories, it's time to start planning your own foray into this exciting world! No matter if you are starting small with a lighter that makes you smile or go all the way up with a Yocan Katana Torch; the point is you are investing in products that are a feast for your eyes. As we’ve seen, being around awe inspiring art can really improve your mood, so why not try out the amazing power of elevated seshing with your own extravagantly designed piece! Take a look at the rest of our thoughts and vape knowledge, when you check out the rest of our posts over at the Got Vape Vaporizer Blog!