Got Vape Survival Guide for Grinders

Jun 17, 2024
Got Vape Survival Guide for Grinders

We all have our own mental checklists;  wallet - keys - phone, and it's time to head out! But when it comes to seshing the list is a bit different with; dry materials - piece or paper - grinder!

Yes you see today we are talking about one of the most unsung heroes of the dry herb world, the very grinders that do all the heavy lifting for us!

So what are the types of grinders? What are their benefits? And which grinder should I get?

Keep reading to get answers to all those questions and more in this Got Vape Blog!

Why Shouldn’t I Just Use My Hands or Scissors?

To assuage certain options right at the start of this, we wanted to acknowledge that while using a pair of scissors or your hands works, it is certainly not an optimal method for the long term.

In the same way as ancient humans used to bang two rocks together to create a flame until our forefathers invented the BIC lighter; a grinder provides you with the night and day difference in both quality of your grind as well as your ease of grinding it.

It is important to point out that using your hands or scissors allows for potential contamination and pollution of whatever dry materials you are using. As opposed to a dedicated grinder that is for only your materials, other options can cause you unwanted headaches that are otherwise avoidable with… a grinder!

What’s a Grinder?

While most are well acquainted with the tools, for those who are just starting their session journeys a basic grinder is going to have at least two parts that make use of bladed teeth to quickly prepare your dry herbs or materials for use.

A great example of a basic, but classic grinder design is the Wulf Mods 2pc 65mm Spatter Grinder. Thanks to its durable metal body and simple 2pc operation, this Wulf Mods Grinder is the perfect example of both a starting point and an ultra convenient item to bring on your travels.

Another equally iconic, but slightly larger grinder design can be seen with the Wulf Mods 4pc 65mm Spatter Grinders. As opposed to the 2pc which has two fitted bladder sides, the 4pc has room for both a dedicated holding chamber for ground materials, as well as a lower level keef catcher for the finest of levels of collection.

This allows for you to grind your materials and have some left over for later! Both the 2pc and the 4pc Wulf grinders are perfect examples and options for you to get to shredding!

Man holding Wulf Grinder in front of park background

What’s an Electric Grinder?

On the other side of the coin lies electric grinders, these allow for even easier shredding of your materials thanks to a battery powered motor. Typical electronic grinders will either run on disposable batteries or will feature a rechargeable system.

A great example of the power that electric grinders offer is with the Wakit KLR Series Rechargeable Electric Grinders! Wakit is an expert in advanced shredding systems, which is why their electric grinder features a simple push down to grind operation that preps even the stickiest of dry materials in seconds.

For another example of what electric grinding can offer your sessions, make sure to also check out the Chewy G3 Basic Portable Electric Grinder!

Is Hand or Electric Better for Grinding?

When comparing these types of grinders each offer their own strengths and weaknesses, that means you’re going to have to decide which one leans towards what you are looking for!

Normal analog grinders offer the distinct bonus of always being ready with no charge time, more durable due to no internal moving parts, and more often than not will be cheaper than their more technologically advanced cousins.

Electric grinders on the other hand let you grind your materials much easier, can work through a large amount of herb quickly, and doesn’t require the same physical strain if you are dealing with any mobility or joint issues.

Wakit grinders resting on white surface with bright lighting

Are There Other Types of Grinders?

Now some may not fit in these two categories, be a hybrid, or some entirely different concoction made for your grinding pleasure.

For example GV Glass Distro has come up with a swiss army esque device with their Metal Herb Grinder with Built in Pipe. These rad little grinders work as a one man band to grind your materials and give you the exact tool needed to enjoy the fruits of its labors.

On the electric avenue we have a joint rollers dream, the Wakit Rollbotz Robokone Electric Grinder and Cone Filter. These hyper specific grinders have been tailor made to make filling cones and wraps as simple as possible, thanks to an extended nose to dispense the shredded herbs. While not needed for everyone, this is a dream machine for those who like to get to rolling cones with as little barriers as possible.

What Makes a Good Grinder?

Ultimately what you want to look for when picking up a grinder is something that is quality, speaks to you, and is something you're okay looking at on your counter!

As grinders are an essential part of getting to enjoy dry materials, you are most likely going to always have your new grinder by your side so you’ll be seeing a lot of each other!

Make sure to always check out all the options, you never know what favorites you may find like the Elbo Glass 55mm Grinder and more!

Chewy Grinder set resting on dark surface

How Long Do Grinders Last?

The lifespan of your grinder is going to vary based on how you take care of your system! Some grinders could hypothetically last you your entire life if well maintained! Although the teeth may dull there is nothing in your grinder that has a shelf life.

For electronic grinders, lifespans can become shorter depending if any of the small internal parts become damaged from a fall or wear and tear.

Overall if you take the time to periodically clean out your grinder and don’t let crushed materials build up in crevices, it's going to be smooth sailing for you.

The Fore-Ground Conclusion

The time is now to venture online to Got Vape through our handy “grinders” tab and take a look at all the different options that we have!

Look over everything from electric to non electric grinders, and see which one jumps out to say “this one's mine!” With the start of Summer only about a week away, now is the time to grab your hot grinder companion and get to shredding!

For more helpful breakdowns and guides, make sure to check out the rest of our postings over here at the official Got Vape Blog!