Happy Veterans Day

Nov 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day with Got Vape

Veterans Day 2016

With the 2016 Election Day so close to this year’s Veterans Day celebration, we wanted to take some time away from all the chaos that came with this year’s election and recognize some of those who have served, or are still currently serving in the Armed Forces. A big problem that many veterans and active duty servicemen and women today face is smoking, but many are kicking the habit and turning to vaping instead.

Travis Ross, 47, served in the Marine Corps from 1988 to 1994 as a machine gunner and HAWK missile operator. Ross’ service included a tour spent in Kuwait during Desert Storm as an infantryman machine gunner. It wasn’t until after his active duty military service however, that Ross would find himself in another type of battle.

Ross’ vape journey started 3 years ago when a friend of his recently quit smoking because of vaping. However, Ross was still doubtful on vaping’s effectiveness,

“at first I thought it wouldn't work after 20 plus years of on and off smoking” he said. “Then I walked into a vape shop and the owner walked me though the process. He set me up with an ego kit starting with 18mg nic (nicotine). It worked and I haven't had a cigarette since then.”

Over the years Ross has been able to reduce his nicotine levels to 3mg in his builds and 6mg in his tanks with hopes of dropping to 3mg in both soon!

When asked how vaping has it impacted his life, Ross admitted that he used to have problems breathing while exercising. “I constantly had some type of respiratory infection and couldn't run a mile if my life counted on it,” he said. “I was unhealthy and smelled all the time. I was overweight and felt sluggish and tired.”

Since making the switch over to vaping Ross has noticed an improvement in his overall health especially while exercising; and has even lost 45 pounds, which he attributes to vaping. “And yes, I can run a mile with no breathing issues.” Ross jokingly stated. “I have not had any respiratory infections in close to 2 and a half years and I have become more involved in my family life because I'm not tired and unhealthy. I had a physical 3 months ago and I am in top shape for my age. Vaping has given me my life back!”

Ross is now currently serving in the Texas State Guard, in the Texas Military Forces and is an active member of his vape community. He actively supports anyone that wants to quit smoking through vaping and openly helps others with coil building and tips of the industry. Ross has joined forces with a build team @BandOfBuilderz on Instagram with other veterans from the Army, Navy, Marines and also members from England, Germany and Canada military as well, who all share a love of vaping and coil building. When asked what he liked most about the vaping industry, Ross stated, “I love the industry, everyone is always friendly and will help whenever needed.”

Shea Lippert, 26, is a SrA (Senior Airman) and is quickly approaching her third year of service in the United States Air Force. Lippert started smoking off and on in the 10th grade and continued up until the age of 24. Although she was always very athletic and played varsity sports, Lippert admits she always turned to cigarettes as a stress reliever.

“It started off as a casual rebellious habit, but quickly turned into an addiction,” Lippert stated. “Smoking didn't seem to bother me until college and that's when I really wanted to work on quitting. I knew I didn't want to smoke forever. But due to the stressors of college, I kept smoking.”

After some time spent in college, Lippert enrolled into the Air Force where her addiction followed closely as she continued to smoke while transitioning into her military career. “My career field, air traffic control, is notoriously stressful, so a cigarette was my automatic go-to,” said Lippert. It wasn’t until a mandatory military physical training test that Lippert would finally make an attempt to quit smoking once and for all and begin a new smoke free lifestyle. Lippert was initially successful, but later admitted, “I went nicotine free for a couple months, but shortly after my successful PT test, my craving had returned.”

Trying to fight off the cravings Lippert did not want to fall back into her old ways, especially after all hard work she had put into quitting. With temptation looming around, Lippert wandered into a random vape shop in Fort Worth, Texas while on leave. It was there that she bought her very first vape pen and immediately fell in love. A couple months later she made an upgrade to her first mech mod, the ManhattanV2, who is now one of her current sponsors. When asked if she has ever smoked since making the transition to vaping Lippert admitted, “about a year after quitting, I slipped up while intoxicated and had one cigarette offered by a friend. I finished the cigarette and realized I hated it and didn't miss it at all. I woke up the next morning with the taste still in my mouth. I haven't had a cigarette since.”

Lippert has now been vaping for a little over 2 and a half years. “Vaping has changed my life tremendously. It has saved my life and my money,” said Lippert. “In the military, maintaining ‘fit to fight’ fitness standards is critical and very important to me. I love working out and now I'm able to breathe easy and push myself to the limit.”

Brett Dowdy, 31, is a Corpsman 3rd Class currently serving in the U.S. Navy his seventh year active duty. Dowdy was an avid smoker for 13 years going strong at a pack a day. As a Navy Corpsman, Dowdy admitted he always knew the negative side effects of smoking, but never cared. “It was a stress relief and my way to say bye to the world for five to ten minutes and help organize my emotions or thoughts,” stated Dowdy. “I decided to go with vaping after my first son was born. I did not want to become another statistic and die like all males on my father's side due to smoking related diseases.” Dowdy admitted he still partakes with the occasional morning cigarette, but he has drastically cut down from his former one pack a day habit.

Now vaping for almost an entire year, Dowdy hopes to eventually be 100% smoke free. “I have to be for my sons,” admits Dowdy. “What we face now is a new Era prohibition and we must fight for those like myself and those like my grandfather and uncle who never had access to these amazing devices.” Since starting vaping, Dowdy tells us that he has notice an increased function in his lungs and an increase in his energy levels. “I have never felt better since almost completely quitting,” said Dowdy. “From a navy doc facing his final years in, thank you for being a part of a movement that very well will save my life from disease and the demon that is big tobacco and nicotine addiction.” Dowdy finished off by saying, “I wish to thank people and companies like yourself for developing and being part of an amazing movement.”

On behalf of everyone here at Got Vape, the thank you is not needed Dowdy, but a thank you is required from us. Got Vape would like to thank HM3 Dowdy, Lance Corporal Ross, Senior Airman Lippert, and every other man and woman that has proudly worn the uniform and served their country to protect our rights and freedoms that we so often take for granted on a daily basis. It is because of brave men and women like Ross, Dowdy, and Lippert that we are able to do what we do on a continual basis. They allow us the ability to provide other veterans like them with products and services that can ultimately help them kick their smoking habits.

We would like to take the time to honor all those men and women with a special 25% off all Vapes and E-Liquids with the promo code “VDAY25” now through end of November. Take the time this Veterans Day to thank all the veterans in your life for their service. Whether it’s your brother, sister, friend or neighbor give them a special thanks and show your appreciation this Veterans Day