How to Get the Most Out of Your Oils Part 2

Jun 24, 2020

How to Get the Most out of Your Oils Part 2

How to Get the Most out of Your Oils Part 2

Vaping man on a mountain

Like discussed in the last blog, storage is one of the biggest roles that plays in your oil cartridge vaporizers. Traveling at higher altitudes will affect your vape pen due to the change in air pressure. Increased air pressure forces air into the device which can inhibit the performance and also cause some leaking.

Higher quality cartridges are more equipped to withstand higher altitude changes. If you plan on going to higher altitudes such as a cruise to the mountains or maybe in the hills, these are the cartridges you’re going to want to stick with as they can handle the change in conditions flawlessly.

A good tip while traveling, keep the rubber cap that comes with most cartridges. These help with prevention of leakage and unwanted air entering the device.

Sutra STIK full color cartridge vaporizer

What's the Best Voltage for Cartridges?

Another aspect to think about how the voltage setting affects the oil cartridge. We say its user preference. New vapers should start on the lower end then work your way up to a setting that they feel comfortable using while a more experienced vaper already knows what they like.

Ideally 3.2V to 3.5V is the sweet spot. Typically, it gives a big inhale but allows the user to still taste the flavor of their oils. Do keep in mind, continuing to vape at maximum voltage will most likely burn out the cartridge, which we all want to avoid. Too much power could burn out the coil, resulting in a burnt product with a super unpleasant taste.

Full Color cartridge battery on wooden table with cartridge

Should I Leave My Cartridge Standing Upright?

“What about the myth of leaving your cartridge standing upright?” Leaving it standing upright is a good rule of thumb to have so that when you’re ready to vape the oil is already sitting down at the bottom by the air for holes. Think about this, oil is thick and can take some time to reach the bottom especially if you leave them laying on its side. Even though it’s a smart move, it's not something crucial. Your cartridge should be good to go if left in the right conditions.

Oil in cartridge vaporizer

Why Does My Oil Change Color?

Another question we keep seeing is what happens if the oil changes color down by the air fill holes? This is just the oil changing its structure due to the introduction of air and usually some sunlight. The combination of air and sunlight can change the color of the oil making it darker over time. But don’t get freaked out, the oil is still okay for use. Darker oil just means that the vape has been exposed to sunlight and has darkened the oil through oxidization.

Man vaping full color Sutra Squeeze

How Do I Make My Oil Last Longer?

Making your oil last longer is really up to the consumption of the user. Getting the most out of each draw can help you from having to go take rip after rip just so you can get some flavor. Absorption does not happen well if you let the vapor sit in your mouth. Inhale it down to your lungs, inhale it deep and try to hold it there so that the lungs can fully absorb the vapor.

Can I Use Unregulated Cartridges?

A must, must, must to avoid are fake or unregulated cartridges and brands. Fake or unregulated cartridges basically means you as a consumer have no idea what is in that cart. Even if it says on the labeling truly it’s a guessing game. Try to stay away from them completely like hollow tip carts or KRT vapes they are real and out for sale but not regulated.

A list that we found helpful off Reddit, basically listing all fake cartridge brands to avoid. We find that they try to update as much as possible making sure to help out our fellow vapers. It has hundreds of brands and cartridges on the list.

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Is It Possible To Overcharge My Battery?

Finally, keep in mind it is possible to burn out or over charge the battery. Vape batteries need to expel energy, meaning it’s a good idea to let your battery die sometimes to give it a break. Continuous use is a way for the battery to keep bad energy and the battery will expand as well as bubble up which will not allow the user to reach 100% again to full energy. No Bueno!

We hope you found this helpful and if you would like more information we do have a in-depth video going more into getting the best results from your oil cartridge. Also comment what are some ways you get the most out of your oil cartridges? What tips do you use? We want to hear from you.

Till next time, happy vaping!