How to Get the Most Out of Your Wax Pen

Jun 12, 2020

How to Get the most out of your Wax Pen

How to Get the Most out of Your Wax Pen

Wax pens or vaporizers as they’re more commonly known, are devices made specifically to be used with your concentrates and waxes. Relatively new to the market, these pens heat the materials high enough to transform them from a state of solid to inhalable vapor. Coming in a variety of styles and sizes, they are great for a potent, intense vaping experience.

It’s All About One Thing…

The Atomizer

One of the most important aspects of a wax pen is the atomizer. Without it, your vaporizer is pretty much useless. The word atomize means to convert a substance into a very fine particular or droplets, in this case vapor. The atomizer is the part that heats up the extracts, which every wax pen has. Providing the right amount of power, they are responsible for creating those delectable vapor clouds.

There are different types of atomizers but generally manufacturers stick to ceramic dishes or titanium coil ovens with a few variations in between.

Atomizers on a wooden background

Let’s start off with coil atomizers, they are going to give you the largest hits and provide the best amount of vapor production. If you come from a large dab rig, then this would be a great starting point. You can get atomizers that feature one coil, two coils or as many as four coils depending on how heavy of a hit you are looking for. The coils are almost always titanium, wrapped around either ceramic or quartz rods either fitting inside quartz or ceramic housing.

The noticeable difference between quartz and ceramic atomizers is that quartz will get hotter than ceramic. The higher heat given off the quartz results in a harder hit but both are going to provide the same great flavor. So, coil atomizers are for heavy draws but what about those who are more of a flavor chaser?

If that is the case, we recommend a ceramic dish atomizer. Ceramic dish atomizers have no heating coils, and ultimately heat up at a lower level than traditional coils. They are both durable and overall easier to clean.

So, now you’re thinking, how long do I wait until I replace my atomizer? There is no set time or way of telling when your atomizer will last before it needs to be replaced. Typically, a user can get a couple months of use out of it, at least. Much better than two to three weeks like the traditional e-juice atomizer provides.

The Lifespan of Your Atomizer

A couple of things will determine the lifespan of your atomizer. One being the quality of materials used. A solidly built atomizer from a good manufacturer will outlast an atomizer that has been cheaply built and put together. Titanium wires will last longer than nichrome wires as they tend to burn out faster because they are softer. Vaping brands like Wulf Mods use titanium coils to ensure quality.

It is always important to check the packaging for QR codes or holographic stickers that the company provides for authenticity and make sure you are getting a legit, quality product.

High power settings also play a factor. If you are running your vape under high voltage you’re going to notice more wear and tear on the atomizer. But not all wax vaporizers have variable voltage settings that you can switch to which is still fine as some batteries give the right amount of energy for that brand’s specific coil. If you do have variable voltage start off at the lowest setting and work your way up.

Can you put a four-coil atomizer on a smaller battery like an oil cartridge battery with 350mAh? We wouldn’t recommend it! Simply because wax, vape coils tend to need more energy from batteries and smaller 350mAh batteries wouldn’t be able to hold up. The goal of your equipment is to last as long as possible while providing the best performance.

Another factor is how often you vape. This goes without saying that if you vape often, you can expect the atomizer to last less. The atomizer should be measured in how many hours of use you got from it.

Red Exxus Atomizer

When is it Time to Replace the Atomizer?

That is the billion-dollar question! An atomizer that needs to be replaced will leave no doubt about it. Though it may be unclear on how long this process will take, horrible tastes, very harsh hits are big red flags that will give you a clue.

Over time your atomizer will build us residue on the coils or dish if you let it. This can cause clogging the airflow. If the wax clogs the airflow holes on your atomizer it can render it useless. Do not let your extracts harden on your coil. This will cause burnt hits and you’ll have to keep continually pressing and holding the fire button because your wax won’t reach a good vape point. You’ll end up putting more stress on the coil and eventually burning it out faster. If you let wax harden on your coils it will be harder to clean them and no one wants that!

Pulsing your vape is not a bad idea! Your coil doesn’t have to stay red in order for you to get your drawl. Pulsing the power button helps keep the coil hot but not always red hot which can in turn give the atomizer longevity.

Clean Your Atomizer

Making sure your atomizer is clean is a key step in securing long use.

1. Before disassembling your vaporizer for cleaning, activate the device so that it warms up, making any residue from oils easier to wipe away. Once the unit has warmed, separate the mouthpiece, heating chamber and rechargeable battery.

2. Using a pipe cleaner, Q-Tip or dab tool (if included with the vaporizer), gently clean out the heating chamber where the coils are located. You’ll notice dark residue sticking to the pipe cleaner, Q-Tip or cleaning tool you choose to utilize.

3. Wipe away all residue, stroke in the same moving direction to help avoid smearing. Continue this until there is no visible residue left. Make sure not to apply too much pressure on the heating coil as it is a sensitive part on the vape. Once damaged the entire vaporizer will not perform

4. Once all the residue is cleaned, make sure it is fully dry before use

Take Care of Your Pen

The thing that we really must hit home is make sure to change your atomizer! Eventually you’re going to go fire your coil and you’ll have loss of power or a coil just won’t heat up. Known when it’s the right time to throw in the towel. Sure, you can always clean your coils to prolong them but if you can’t get good flavor from your atomizer or if the residue is just too baked in and it won’t budge, it’s time to admit defeat and replace that atomizer.

We hope you found this blog helpful and if you feel we missed anything let us know in the comments!

Happy vaping!