How to Vaporize Dry Herbs 101

Jan 18, 2023

How To Vaporize Dry Herbs with Yocan Flora in hand in front of sky

Sage, lavender, ginseng, and everything in between! Got Vape welcomes all level vapers to understand the benefits and process of vaporizing dry herbs. From flavor enhancement to portable uses, vaping herbs gives the ideal experience for every session. Here are some major key factors about vaporizing dry herbs:

Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizers

GPen Elite II in case held by woman

Discreet and Efficient

What’s excellent about dry herb vaporizers is that they are discreet and easy to use. Many herb vapes are pocket size and odor-proof, making them perfect for public sessions. It is also known that vaporizing herbs releases plant compounds, which provides an all-around experience.

Wulf Next in man's hands with purple and red lighting

Brings Out the Best Flavors

Vaporizers deliver the flavors of herbs more potently. A suggested advice is to heat your herbs at the rate of 310–495°F to bring out every bit of their flavor molecules.

Types of Vape Devices for Herbs

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Portable Vapes

When it comes to vaporizers, no matter what kind of material is being used, everybody wants a device that they can bring with them anywhere they go. Our compact, handheld devices present the most advanced traits, like adjustable voltage settings for complete temperature control, quick preheat functionality, and extended battery life for longer sessions. Some popular dry herb portable vapes are the Sutra Mini, Wulf Next, Exxus Mini Plus, and PAX Mini.

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Desktop Vapes

Let’s face it, vaping at home is always a vibe! Desktop vaporizers include a plug that can be directly attached to a power outlet for long, powerful sessions. Moreover, these vapes are favored among at-home users and heavy hitters for their prominent high power, larger ovens, and ability to provide for larger groups. We offer a variety of desktop vaporizers, including the popular Storz & Bickel Classic Vaporizer.

15 Best Dry Herbs to Vape

If you’re ever wondering what the safest herbs to puff are, here is a list of herbs that provide smooth hits and flavorful tastes:

Basil - 266°F
Catnip - 257°F to 302°F
Chamomile - 212°F to 257°F
Eucalyptus - 266°F
Green Tea - 347°F to 365°F
Ginseng - 347°F to 392°F
Lavender - 212°F to 257°F
Yerba Mate - 212°F to 302°F
Peppermint - 212°F to 302°F
Thyme - 212°F to 302°F
Sage - 257°F to 302°F
St John's Wart - 212°F to 302°F
Rosemary - 257°F
Lemongrass - 257°F to 302°F
Ginger - 347°F to 392°F


Dry herbs are the most natural way to experience a relaxing session. Vaporizing herbs can give you the most delectable taste and the smoothest way to consume them. If you want to check out more of our vaporizers, visit!