How Vaping Can Elevate Your Movie Watching Experience

Mar 18, 2024
How Vaping Can Elevate Your Movie Watching Experience

Here at Got Vape we recognize that in today’s world of instant gratification, endless notifications, and information overload you need to actively take the time to unplug from the buzz of modernity. That’s why we wanted to provide a helpful guide to the freedom and beneficial synergy that comes from being able to watch a film while vaping along with it. Come listen to how you can elevate your movie watching experience the Got Vape way and start getting the most out of your entertainment.

Set Up Your Station

First things first it's time to get your essentials set up so that you aren’t wasting your time looking for something mid film or have nagging thoughts distracting you while watching. While this is going to differ based on taste, the essentials you will need is your charged vaporizer, your dry herbs or concentrates, and a bowl to discard any vaped materials you may generate along the way. Make sure to use a bowl that can safely allow for hot or warm materials to be put into so you don’t accidentally catch your couch on fire. Take a look at the GPEN Dash Plus and it's easy to reload the dry herb compartment so you can just tap out the old and get to vaping the new. Now you may want to also prep something to snack on so take the time now to grab your red vines, carrot sticks, or bowl of popcorn so a grumbling stomach doesn’t upend your movie night.

Woman sat on a couch with popcorn and remote in hand watching a movie

The Benefits of Unbroken Attention

With everything set up you are ready to press play and jump into the cinematic adventure of your choice with vape in hand. Whether it's with a Storz and Bickel Venty or a Sutra SILO Pro, being able to watch the movie without interruption allows for your brain to enter the cinematic rhythm of the editing, music, and plotting so that you are fully enthralled in every twist and turn. Movies often have very brief moments that have a massive impact on how a scene is perceived by the audience, thus as you sit and watch every second you aren’t missing any of the subtleties or flourishes that otherwise may not be noticed. Without having to get up to roll something up or head outside to smoke, you are allowed to enjoy your concentrate or dry herb right along with the film. This unbroken experience will have you sucked into your movies like never before as you blow clouds along with epic climaxes and soul rending emotion.

Focus on the Sights

In the beginning of cinema, films were quite literally just moving pictures, lacking any and all sounds a beautiful new form of art was born. Use your vape and new found concentration to appreciate every image you are seeing as its own full story. Its foreground, middle ground, and background will soon become act 1, act 2, act 3 as you are free to investigate the frame without any distraction to pollute your experience. Try a single button vaporizer like the Puffco Proxy Concentrate Vaporizer so you only have one click to think about and won’t have to fuss trying to figure out complex operations. With no flame or need to track down a lighter, all you have to hold onto is your vape and you are ready to sit back and enjoy the immersion properly.

Person watching a movie with popcorn in hand and remote nearby

It’s Movie Time

Take your vape from its charger, gather your group of friends or cat (or dog), and get ready to watch a movie with complete immersion. Enjoy blowing clouds silently with your desired vape as the film unfolds in front of you seamlessly without having to worry about interrupting the experience. Make sure to take a peek at the rest of our thoughts over at the Got Vape Retail Blog!