Impact of MLK at Got Vape

Jan 12, 2018

Happy Martin Luther King Day


Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor, activist, humanitarian, and most famously known contributions to the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Many remember him for his most famously known “I Have A Dream” speech, which he gave during the March on Washington in 1963. King believed in equality for all and moved to advance these civil rights beliefs through nonviolent ways, organizing many protests and marches, which would lead to his Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Impact on Our Lives Today

King Jr.’s biggest role in society has been his efforts is advancing the civil rights movement that can still be seen today’s society and has even effected the company you know as We were founded in 2001 by two African Americans entrepreneurs that turned a garage company into the multi-million-dollar company that it is today. Got Vape’s core values are closely tied into Dr. King’s beliefs of community, love and human dignity.

This holiday means a lot to the staff here at Got Vape, Dr. King paved the way for many of us and if it was not for the sacrifices and he, there is a good chance that Got Vape wouldn’t be in existence today. So we all want to take the time to remember the great Martin Luther King Jr on what would have been his 89th birthday.

So join us in remembering, read through his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and ask your children, friends, and loved ones what they take from it and how has it impacted their lives.