Keep Vape Mail Legal

Jul 15, 2020

Fight to Keep Vape Mail Legal

The Sensate Wants to Take Away our Right to Receive Vaping Products

The time is Now to take Action

The vaping industry is under fire again! The US Senate has plans on eliminating the U.S. Postal Service from delivering your vapor products. Combating the sales of vapor products to minors this bill, S 1235, was voted by voice on July 2nd.

Moving boxes

In addition to banning shipments of all e-liquids as well as vaping hardware and devices by the Postal Service, the bill will force every delivery service to check IDs as well as get an adult signature at the point of delivery for all vaporizers or vape related products. Typically, delivery by FedEx, UPS or DHL is more expensive than mail delivery and often the signature at delivery requirement will have additional fees.

A similar bill was passed last October by the House of Representatives. The bill is a so-called effort to prevent underage people from vaping. This Senate bill is different enough that it first must go through the House for approval before being sent to the President to be signed into law or vetoes.

Voting house

The house is not expected to present to vote until Jul 20, giving vapers time to register their opposition to S 1253. If this bill becomes law, the costs of online vaporizer purchases will increase as much or more than $20 – plus there is no guarantee that private carriers can or will continue to even ship vaping products. In fact, those companies will most likely become the targets or pressure campaigns by anti-vaping organizations.

What You Can Do

Now is the time to let our voices be heard. Take action now and urge your representative to reject S. 1253 by making your voice heard here.

Together we can make a difference!