Maintaining and Cleaning Your Vaporizer

Apr 4, 2017

How to Maintain and Clean Your Vaporizer

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Vaporizer

Ever taken a hit off of a pipe that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time? Or perhaps you’ve had a pipe that has gotten clogged with bud or resin? Maybe you’ve forgotten to change the water in your bong and it’s gotten sour and nasty? Such things can interfere with the taste of your cannabis and let’s face it – make it taste not so great.

The same thing can happen to your desktop or portable vaporizer if you don’t properly maintain it. Because there are so many parts to vaporizers, proper maintenance is key to getting a good, flavorful pull from it. It is also imperative to keeping your desktop, pen, or mod vape in good working order so it lasts over time.

Cleaning a Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers have more parts than a portable vaporizer. Make sure that you regularly check each part to ensure that you are cleaning and maintaining them regularly.

The Base

The base of the vaporizer shouldn’t need that much cleaning or maintenance. You can use a paper towel that is damp with soap and water or electronic cleaning wipes if it gets dirty. Whatever you do, do not disassemble the base without checking the owner’s manual. This can void your warranty.

Glass or Steel Bowl

Like any bowl, pipe, or bong, cleaning this every few vaping sessions will assure that you get the cleanest, most flavorful hits from your vaporizer. You can start by wiping it down with a paper towel. Sometimes, you might need to clean resin off using cotton balls or cotton swabs and alcohol. Keep in mind that with consistent use, the bowl will discolor. If this bothers you, purchase a new one as needed.

Elbow Adapter & Whip

Because the hot air and vapor flow through these parts directly, the elbow adapter and whip (if you use balloons) will start to stain. Allowing these parts to go too long between cleanings can result in the parts fusing together, forcing you to buy replacement parts. Cleaning is simple. One method is to place the parts in boiling water for a bit and then let them dry. Another way to clean is to place them in alcohol and slosh them around a bit. Choose your preferred method.


Screens accumulate the most resin of any part because the cannabis or other herb burns there directly. A screen blocked with resin means less efficiency for your machine – and this means you have to inhale harder. Scraping the resin off of your screen or soaking it in alcohol is an option. Because it is easier to do this when warm, doing it just after a vaping session will produce better results. Occasionally, you will have to buy replacement screens.


If your desktop allows the whip function, the mini whip or whip will discolor after time. You should replace it. However, we do not recommend using alcohol to clean the tubes. It will leave an unpleasant taste behind. It can also further discolor your tube. Clean the tubes with warm soapy water and rinse well, then allow to dry.


Balloons are so cheap and easy to replace that it is best to just get new ones as they become discolored. If you allow your glass mouthpiece to get extremely discolored by resin, it might not come completely clean. Boiling it in water and then utilizing alcohol and a cotton swab as soon as it is cool enough to touch may help to get it clean. Don’t worry if it doesn’t – these pieces are cheap and easily acquired.

Portable Vaporizers

Each portable vaporizer will have different parts, but we have a general guide to helping you keep yours clean, tasting awesome, and well maintained. Disassemble your vaporizer into its different parts before you begin. Make sure to keep batteries or gas power supplies away from any liquids you might be using to clean.

Filling Chambers

Brushing out your filling chamber using a paint brush or a makeup brush is best. However, it will sometimes get some stuck-on resin. If this happens, use a cotton swab and a little alcohol to loosen and clean the resin.


Clean these the same way you would with a desktop vaporizer screen. If it becomes blocked with resin, using alcohol to loosen it will help, and just like with the desktop screens, this is easier when the screen is warm. If it becomes too ensconced with resin, you can replace it cheaply.


Detach the mouthpiece from the filling chamber and give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth. Clean the inside using a cotton swab and alcohol as needed. Make sure to rinse the alcohol thoroughly to prevent aftertaste.

That’s all there is to it, really. If you have questions regarding your specific model, refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s website to get detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions. Remember, keeping your vaporizer and vaporizer accessories clean is crucial to enjoying the flavor of your smoke!