Must Know Vaping Tips for Beginners

Feb 27, 2017

Must Know Vaping Tips

Must-Know Vaping Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner to vaping, it can feel like there is a lot of complication. But anything worth learning is worth learning thoroughly. Thus, we’ve created this list of must-know vaping tips for beginners to help you make your vaping experience the best it can be.

Know the Regulations

First, know what the laws are in your area regarding vaping. Can you do it in public or in public spaces? Do you have to use a traditional smoking area to vape? Or are you unlucky enough to live in a place where it’s banned? Don’t buy a vaporizer until you know the answer! And if you travel a lot, especially internationally, you’ll definitely need to keep up with the laws. Not all countries allow vaping. You could get your gear confiscated.

Vaping Isn't Like Smoking

While e-cigarettes do somewhat simulate the feel of a traditional cigarette, vaping feels much more like using a hookah. The smoke is cooler and there is more setup. You have to worry about things like battery charging, refilling, and cleaning. Yes, there is more work involved. However, it’s safer, you get more active ingredients, and you don’t get that smoke smell everywhere. Expect to take some time getting used to the differences.

Caring for your E-juice

Your E-juice requires some special treatment to keep it in top condition.

• Shake it before every use
• Keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent thinning and taste changes
• Keep it in a cold place between uses. A refrigerator is a good place.
• Avoid plastic bottles if you can. If you must use plastic, keep it out of warm locations to avoid chemicals from the plastic getting into your juice.
• Know that nicotine can darken over time in older bottles. This is normal.
• Some flavors taste better with 2-4 weeks of aging in a dark place. If you don’t like a flavor in the beginning, try it after this time frame and see if it improves for you.

Go for Quality When you Can

You don’t need the fanciest rigs to get a quality experience, but there are still a lot of sub-par cheap vaping pens on the market. Avoid the cheapest things on the market and get something with good user reviews. You don’t want shoddy equipment getting in the way of your experimentation.

Handle Plastic Tanks with Care

There are some e-juice flavors out there that weaken plastics. Menthol (EZ Duz It On Ice by Ruthless-E-Liquid) and (Churrios by The Milk Man E-Liquid)cinnamon, in particular, can cause a tank to weaken over time. A crack in your tank can lead to a huge mess, a big cleanup job, or even ruin your kit. Starter vaping kits often come with plastic tanks. Ask your e-juice provider which flavors are compatible with a plastic tank. They should be able to help you out.

Clean and Disassemble your Kit at Night

Your vaping experience is dependent on how well you clean your gear. You should clean your system as often as the manufacturer recommends and clean your tank every time you change flavors, we recommend Got Vape Wipes to help you do the job. You should also disassemble your kit and let it dry out every night. This can prevent battery problems and it lets you see if anything might need repair or replacement. When choosing any vape kit, ask how difficult it is to disassemble and clean so you can make an informed choice. Mod kits require more maintenance than vape pens.

Avoid sub-ohming

There are a lot of fancy tricks you can do with a vape kit. One of these is sub-ohming, a technique that generates huge clouds of vapor and can increase the amount of active ingredient intake, but can be very dangerous for your battery. It is not a beginner topic. As a beginner, stick with the basics of flavors and regular maintenance before diving into mucking with the electronics.

Battery Maintenance

Speaking of batteries, here are some tips to keep them safe as they are easily the most dangerous part of any vaping kit:
• Buy batteries only from authorized dealers.
• Never use a coil that the battery cannot handle.
• Learn whether or not your battery is replaceable. Most will only last 2-3 years before a replacement is necessary. Some models do not have replaceable batteries.
• Only use the recommended charging cable for your battery.
• Don’t overcharge.
• Stay away from battery mods until you’re more experienced. Learn the relationship between amps, volts, and ohms.


Be prepared to experiment! There are so many types of e-juice out there that you can smoke hundreds of brands and flavors. Check out the new ANML Unleashed. Plus there are different concentrations of juice, especially for nicotine smokers. You will need to experiment until you find the right brands and blends that work best for you. Once you get comfortable with the flavors you like and how to use and maintain your kit, that’s the time to decide whether or not it is worth moving up to a fancier mod kit or desktop vaporizer.