New Puffco Products: The Bloom Collection is Here!

Oct 16, 2023

Puffco Bloom Proxy standing on white marble table with blog title

Puffco is now out with their latest collection called Bloom! The Bloom collection features a stylish lavender base that beautifully complements its blossoming name. This fresh addition of Bloom colors is now available across various products in the Puffco lineup, such as the Puffco Proxy, Hot Knife, Travel Pack, and more. The infusion of this vibrant hue into the range adds an air of elegance and uniqueness to these already exceptional products, allowing you to not only enjoy top-notch performance but also adore the visual charm of their vaping accessories.

Whether you're a dedicated Puffco enthusiast or a newcomer to the brand, the Bloom collection offers an exciting opportunity to elevate your vaping experience with a touch of pastel-like style and sophistication.

Puffco Proxy Concentrate Vaporizer on white marble table

Puffco Proxy Bloom Concentrate Vaporizer

Introducing the Proxy Bloom Vaporizer, a spring-inspired masterpiece. Its shiny design in lavender and sparkling silver accents embodies the season's spirit. The Bloom Proxy boasts a patented 3D Chamber for premium flavor, with four heat settings and an intuitive single-button interface. Heating tracers within the ceramic bowl ensure optimal oil vaporization along the chamber walls, preserving quality. The Proxy Bloom leads to consistently smooth hits and everlasting flavor.

Puffco Proxy with glass bubbler sitting on glass counter

Puffco Proxy Bloom Bubbler

Elevate your Puffco Proxy experience with the hand-blown borosilicate glass Bloom Bubbler. Its light purple lavender base adds a fresh touch and introduces water functionality for a smoother hit. The filtration system removes impurities, ensuring a refined and mellow inhalation.

Puffco Proxy Bloom Travel pack sitting on glass display with white background

Puffco Proxy Bloom Travel Pack

Upgrade your on-the-go sessions with the fashionable Proxy Bloom Travel Pack. It offers scratch protection, a flat base, and practical storage. Inside, discover a silicone backpack for added space and device protection. The Proxy Ball Cap ensures consistent hits, and the Carb Cap and Tether secure your extracts. Plus, the Mouthpiece adds hygiene and shareability.

Close up of Puffco Proxy Joystick Cap with man finger turning joystick on white background

Puffco Proxy Bloom Joystick Cap

Get ready for the Proxy Bloom Joystick Cap – a must-have for your sessions. Its captivating lavender hue ensures precise 360º directional airflow, leading to consistent heating, bigger clouds, and richer flavor. Crafted from shatterproof stainless steel and silicone, it's both durable and easy to clean. The innovative design ensures uninterrupted sessions, and it even includes a fidget-friendly feature for added fun during your vape sessions.

Puffco Bloom Hot Knife laying on black office desk with packaging

Puffco Bloom Hot Knife

Don't miss the exclusive Bloom Hot Knife! Its stylish light lavender base and electronic heating make loading concentrates effortless, in as little as 3 seconds with the press of a button. Simplify your dab sessions with the Bloom!

An Overview of the Puffco Bloom

Enjoy every puff from Puffco Bloom and elevate your sessions with this new collection! Puffco's latest lineup, Bloom, presents a captivating fusion of style and functionality.

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