New Tax Vape Law

Mar 19, 2020

The New Tax Vape Law

The New Tax Vape Law that Could Affect Your Vaping

With the rising teen use of vaporizers and vape products reaching epidemic levels, e-cigarettes are now the most frequently used tobacco product among adolescents. According to the FDA some 2.1 million middle school and high school students have used or are using e-cigarette products – far surprising traditional combustible cigarettes.

Responding to this raising epidemic, numerous states have risen their purchasing age to 21 years old. But some states are taking it a step further, slapping hefty taxes on vaporizers and products. Historically, taxation has been shown to be an effective tool in reducing the numbers of people who smoke. The World Health Organization estimates a rise of 10 percent in prices which will cause the overall smoking rates to drop down about 4 percent especially in high-income countries.


Efforts to Stop Youth Vaping

Some states are relying on this to work in their favor to combat consumers, especially teenage or young adults from using e-cigarettes and other vaping products. These states include California, Washington, Nevada, DC, New Mexico, Kansas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont and Maine.

These taxes vary, increasing traditional cigarettes from $1.98 upwards to $2.98 a pack! Some states set their tax based on the wholesale price stores are paying for their vaping products, while other states are based on the retail price consumers pay. A few states tax by the milliliter of liquid contained in the devices.


State Taxes On Vaporizers and Products

State E-Cigarette Tax
California 59.2% Wholesale Price
Connecticut Closed System: 40₵/mL Open: 10% w/s price
Delaware 5₵/mL
DC 91% Wholesale Price
Illinois 15% Wholesale Price
Kansas 5₵/mL
Louisiana 5₵/mL
Maine 43% Wholesale Price
Massachusetts 75% Wholesale Price
Minnesota 95% Wholesale Price
Nevada 30% Wholesale Price
New Hampshire Open: 8% w/s price; Closed: 30₵mL
New Jersey Liquid Nicotine: 10₵mL; Container E-Liquid: 10% Retail Price
New Mexico Open: 12.5% MFR Price; Closed: 50₵/Cartridge
New York 20% Retail Price
North Carolina 5₵mL
Ohio 10₵mL
Pennsylvania 40% Wholesale Price
Vermont 92% Wholesale Price
Washington ≤5mL Container:27₵mL >5mL Container: 9₵mL
West Virginia 7.5₵mL
Wisconsin 5₵mL


So, What Does That Mean For You?

The raise in taxes definitely affects the pockets of consumers as well as vaporizer companies and brands. With vaping becoming more expensive, it is harder for teens to keep up. This makes a barrier for teenagers to not be able to buy. On the other hand, for an adult vaper it is a bit annoying to have to pay more for a product that was never so expensive in the past. This tax law may be effective in stopping teen vaping but can hurt the average adult vaper’s money..

We hope you found this informative and helpful! We’ll be back with more blogs and until then, happy vaping!