New Vape Bill Bans Flavors

Aug 10, 2020

New Vape Bill that Bans All Flavors

New Vape Bill that Bans ALL Flavors!?

With a Ban on Flavors Where do We Go from Here?

On Tuesday August 4th, California passed Bill SB793 in the Assembly. The final decision passed in favor of the bill with a 10-2 vote. This ultimately bans the sale of ALL flavored tobacco products including ANY flavored e-juice in open or closed systems.

Case of Puff Bars

This bill also makes it illegal to buy all these products anywhere and everywhere in the state of California. It includes any tobacco product as well as cigars under $12 dollars. We’re talking about disposables, salt nicotine, e-liquid and even Swisher Sweets, no more flavored wraps.

Flavored Wraps on table

Any type of flavor additive is gone, which also includes Mint and Menthol flavors. The only products this bill does not affect are single cigars over $12 dollars, loose leaf tobacco for those pipe smokers and cigar bars where cigars are smoked indoors at that particular location. Hookah flavors are also safe for now but during the hearing for the bill, two committee members voted to add to eliminate Hookah flavors and even oil cartridge flavors from the market. Ultimately, they tabled the addition and these are being left alone for the time being.

What Does This Mean?

So, you might be wondering what does this mean for vaping? Is there anything we can do and is this the final word? Unfortunately, with the bill being passed by the Assembly is the final word. Thousands of vapers and smokers called in to disagree with the bill but none of those efforts seemed to have mattered. That’s not to say it didn’t help, we have more power than we think. The reason Hookah flavors still exist is because the strong Hookah community protested against it from being included on the list.

Vapes with Gavel

When Will This Bill Go Into Effect?

When will this bill take effect? Honestly, it is still in the air. The bill has been passed for now, but the Assembly still has to come back later for appropriations to discuss what should or will be added to the bill. The highlight of this situation is that on the California Legislative Website the measure is labeled as a non-emergency, meaning it can still take some time for it to take effect. This also means that the fine print of the bill can still be changed. Hookah and THC Oil cartridges may still be added but all tobacco flavors will still be banned in California.

Vape juice on the shelf

What You Can Do

Our suggestion for all Californians is to stock up now. Buy in bulk, if they are going to take away our rights to vape, we might as well get what we need now before it’s too late. Got Vape is a wholesale distributor and would be your best bet when getting stock *wink wink*. Providing what our customers need, we keep you all in mind and at the forefront delivering a variety of products, devices, juice flavors and more.

We know this is going to affect many of you. This should be a freedom choice issue, we as vapers and consumers should have a right on our flavors as well as products. Even though this bill was made in efforts to decrease the number of underage users, it is affecting a lot more than I’m sure the Assembly members intended.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think we should have the right to choose our flavors? We hope you found this blog helpful and for more information visit our Youtube Channel where we further break down the issues.