Product Spotlight: Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber is Finally Here!

Jul 31, 2023
Man using the Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber with black background

Your Puffco Peak Pro sessions just got bigger, better, and bolder! Introducing the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber, the world's first high-capacity e-rig chamber, engineered to revolutionize your vaping experience. This latest addition showcases all-new advancements that take your concentrate sessions to a new level.

Puffco is known for its dedication to flavor and consistency and has always been at the forefront of patented 3D technology. With the Peak Pro 3DXL, prepare to be amazed as you encounter unparalleled taste and smoothness with each inhale, ensuring every draw you take is as enjoyable as the last. Here are some factors about the 3D XL that you’ll love:

comparison between puffco 3d and 3dxl chamber on black background

78% Larger Bowl

The Peak Pro 3DXL boasts a deeper chamber, perfectly crafted to accommodate larger loads of your concentrates. Experience the convenience of loading fuller and the freedom to enjoy more extended sessions without the constant need for refills.

man blowing smoke using the peak pro with 3d xl chamber

2X More Vapor

Experience a vaping powerhouse like no other! Prepare for a vapor-infused session with the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber, producing larger Clouds than ever.

man with tattoo blowing smoke using the peak pro with 3d xl chamber

Extra Tokes

The best just got even better, and it's here to transform how you indulge in your favorite materials. The Peak Pro 3D XL's enhanced design significantly reduces the reclaimed amount, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Say goodbye to wasted materials and hello to a cleaner and more satisfying experience.

man controling the directional airflow for the puffco peak 3dxl chamber

More Control

Seamlessly integrating with the Puffco Connect app, this innovative chamber unlocks a new level of vapor control at your fingertips. Customize your temperature settings, explore various vaping modes, and track your usage patterns to truly personalize your sessions according to your preferences.

Additionally, with the inclusion of the XL Joystick, navigating through your materials is a breeze, granting you the power to control your vaping journey precisely.

An Overview of the 3D XL Chamber

Embrace the future of vaping with the Peak Pro 3DXL, where groundbreaking technology meets convenience and style. Elevate your vaping game and discover a world of flavor, consistency, and control like never before. For more information about vaporizers and accessories, stay updated with everything you need to know for your sessions, and check out our Vaporizer Blog!