Reflecting on a King's Legacy

Jan 21, 2019

Reflecting on a King's Legacy

Reflecting on a King’s Legacy

The pastor, activist, humanitarian, Martin Luther King Jr. is most known for his instrumental role in the ending segregation as well as the African American Civil Rights Movement.

While the United States and employers now observe the holiday, this day was not accomplished easily or without resistance. President Ronald Reagan finally recognized Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a US Holiday in 1983, an act that took a petition to Congress with more than six million signatures in favor of the holiday. Though the president ultimately passed the holiday into law, it as not actually observed until three years later, and still many states resisted doing so. In fact, the day was not officially observed in all 50 states until 2000.

Martin Luther King

Today we can be glad and prevail in the progress made in decades since, inspiring others to follow in Dr. King’s vision of a more equal world. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream of a society in which people were not treated differently or badly simply off their race, but to treat others accordingly from their character. The efforts of King and those like him, have in fact, changed the country for the better, in noticeable ways. With his vision he has made the world a more united place and has helped to ensure that people of color, minorities have a voice.

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His legacy and influence can be seen in different facets of society, including here at Got Vape. In 2001, we were established by two African American entrepreneurs that turned a company which started out of a garage to a multi-million dollar business. Following in King’s footsteps, Got Vape alliances their core values with Dr. King’s beliefs of human dignity, fairness for everyone, love and community. Today we want to take the time to remember such a legendary man, not only for his beliefs but for his character. Join us in remembering the great Martin Luther King Jr and reflect on how is dream made for a better tomorrow.