Right to Vape

Jul 13, 2020

Raise Your Voice and Save Your Right to Vape

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Californians We Need Your Help!

California, we need your help! The California Legislature wants to take away your right to vape. Planning a ban of the sale of menthol cigarettes as well as all flavored tobacco products this Bill will result in a halt in all the products you’ve come to love and vape. This Bill, Bill 793 would make it illegal for all to buy all these products anywhere and everywhere in the state of California.

Since arriving on the market, Vaping has taken over in popularity as a safer alternative to traditional smoking and consumption.

What Can I Do?

To protect your right to vape click on the link and demand our legislator to vote NO on Senate Bill 739. We only have one voice, but together we can make sure it is heard!