St. Patrick's Day at Got Vape

Mar 4, 2019

St. Patrick's Day at Got Vape

Sure, we may love to celebrate, but where did these traditions come from and why do we still carry them on today? We’ll be going over the who, what and whys of this party day and how it came to be. So, keep on reading to learn more!

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The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, believed to have brought Christianity to that region of the world. It was said that he died on March 17, 461 and after his death his beliefs as well as mythology has been integrated in the Irish culture. He is most known for his explanation of the Holy Trinity. Using a simple three leaf Irish shamrock, he was able to explain the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit represented by each pedal. Since then the shamrock has been a stable in celebration activities and the Irish people have been observing the Roman Catholic day as St. Patrick’s Day every March 17.

The first parade to celebrate the day was actually held in the US, not Ireland. On March 17, 1762, in New York City, Irish soldiers who fought in the English army marched with their fellow countrymen to rejoice and reconnect to their Irish roots. Over the years, Irish patriotism amidst American immigrants have grown and the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have become a more common fixture.

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Modern Day St. Patrick’s Day

As a holiday that permeate the world far outside of Ireland, this day is celebrates widely in areas that experience an influx of immigrants including Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States- and even in Argentina!

People coming together for a day of fun, drinking and a whole lot of mischief. The legend goes that St. Patrick was given a cup of whiskey that was significantly less than full. He took this opportunity to teach a lesson of generosity to the people. He told the inn keeper there was a demon living in his cellar, among the whiskey that caused him to become greedy and cheat his customers of their drink.

St. Patrick told the inn keeper that he could get rid of the devil and redeem himself, if he were to fill each cup until it was overflowing. When St. Patrick returned, he found the inn keeper learned from his mistakes and made sure to fill each cup up full. Patrick then declared the devil was banished; since then the custom to drink a “full measure” to mark the occasion.

Now as one of the biggest celebration holidays in the US, St. Patrick’s Day is full of booze, parades, concerts and fireworks. It is common for anyone and everyone to celebrate whether they’re of Irish decent or not. Here at Got Vape, we decided that we want to join in on the fun too! We are offering 20% off site wide. That’s the whole site; vaporizers, e-juices, parts and everything in between. While shopping if you feel that you need some help or have questions, give us a ring. Our Customer Service is here to help. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6pm at (888) 827-3101. Have a fun, safe St. Patrick’s Day and keep vaping!