Starting 2020 Off Right

Jan 6, 2020

Happy 2020 Starting off the Year Right

Its 2020 and We’re Starting Off the Year Right!

We’re looking at the Hottest Device for the New Year!

Marked as a day of reflection of the previous year while looking ahead to the future’s possibilities, let's bring in the New Year right with all new, innovative vaporizer devices! Perfect for on the run use or nestled up at home, let these vapes deliver endless amazing sessions all year long!

Vision Puffco Peak

First on our list is the Vision Peak by Puffco!

The newest from Puffco, this device provides the perfect pairing to your favorite concentrate goodies. Combining both top performance and stunning looks, it features a silicone base with a prismatic gradient, iridescent metal band, colored glass inner cone as well as straw, and a purple carb for a modern, colorful finish.

The Vision Peak also features four unique heating settings making it perfect for all vapers, whether they be beginners or frequent users. Enjoy big, flavorful vape clouds and in a quicker fashion as compared to traditional devices that can take 3 minutes to heat up, this dab rig only takes 20 seconds! This means way less waiting time for you!

It doesn’t stop there, this remarkable piece features also include intelligent temperature calibration for a more consistent experience during use, LED light band, haptic feedback, the fastest charging and long-lasting battery!

The perfect device for any collection, the Vision Peak by Puffco will have you enjoying your goodies till next year and beyond!

White full color Exxus Minovo cartridge vaporizer

Up next is the Exxus MiNovo by Exxus Vape!

Get ready to indulge in delicious vapor clouds with the Exxus Minovo by Exxus Vape! The ultimate in stealth, discretion, the MiNovo delivers an overall amazing experience with top, optimal performance. One puff from this device and you’re not going to want to put it down!

With everything you need the Exxus Minovo includes a variety of features like preheat mode, colorful LED light indicators, magnetic adapters to keep your cartridge in place, variable voltage for the perfect heat and all powered by a long lasting 470mAh battery.

An all-around remarkable device, the Exxus MiNovo by Exxus Vape is one you need to get!

Uni Pro Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer

Now we have the UNI Pro Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer by Yocan!

If you loved the original, you’re going to go crazy over the UNI Pro Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer by Yocan. An advanced, upgraded version of its predecessor, this incredible device enhances all aspects of the device. Enjoy session after session with this guy by your side. The UNI Pro Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer is the one you can’t live without!

The perfect handheld device, the Uni Pro Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer features an adjustable voltage-based output, 10 second preheating functionality, 510 threaded connection and durable zinc alloy chassis construction.

The crowning jewel about this device? It employs an adjustable dial and sliding lever on the side. This allows the user to mix and match between cartridges for a full range, elevated experience. It is truly made for a customized, personalized experience.

Available in Full Black, Stainless Steel, Black and White, Red and Blue, the UNI Pro Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer by Yocan is a must have device! A step above the original, this device will deliver nothing less than amazing flavor and top performance.

RPM40 Pod Kit

Next is the RPM40 Pod Kit by SMOK!

Have you ever wanted a special device that can combine the advantages of both pod devices and box mods? Now the RPM40 Pod Kit by SMOK does just that! An incredible device, The RPM40 features a 1500mAh battery, compatibility with both the RPM and NORD coil families, and the intuitive SMOK IQ-R chipset. Though small in size, this device definitely packs a punch with an incredible amount of power and versatility into a pocket friendly vape.

Built with superior Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction the RPM40 Pod Kit employs a single firing button for easy and convenient use, two adjustment buttons for customization, an IQ-R Chipset for your vital vaping data, and a 4.3mL RPM Pod Capacity.

A powerful, top performing device that combines the workings of a traditional box mod and the portability of an AIO vape pod system, the RPM40 Pod Kit by SMOK is the perfect product for you!

Full Color Exxus Mini Plus

Rounding up the list is the Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape!

Enjoy the unforgettable sessions of the Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape! This one of a kind device will elevate your experience like never before. Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, this mini device allows you to enjoy your goodies anytime, anywhere.

Made of superior, top of the line aluminum and gunmetal, the vaporizer is visually stunning well as durable for any accident-prone users. Utilizing temperature control, the unit employs a range of temperature control from 320F to 410F, allowing the user to customize a more precise session for their satisfaction.

The Exxus Mini Plus also features a clear OLED display that shows the user vital vape data and is charged by the micro USB charger included in the package. Enjoy hours of continuous use, a single charge can last multiple sessions.

To load your favorite dry herb, first preheat the unit allowing it to heat up without the magnetic mouthpiece. While your vaporizer is heating up, grind your dry herb finely so it resembles crushed pepper. Fill the chamber with the desired amount and gently pack it down then enjoy. Simple as that!

Loading your concentrates is easy too! First remove the magnetic connected mouthpiece and load your desired concentrate into a concentrate skillet. Place the skillet in the chamber, and there you go. You’re all set to vape.

A compact, dynamic device the Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape is the one you need! Make sure to add this bad boy to the collection today!

We hope you enjoyed our list and most importantly enjoy your 2020 year!

We wish you a prosperous, amazing 2020! Happy Vaping!