The Differences Between Desktop and Portable Vapes

Dec 14, 2022

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There are many ways to puff your favorite herbs or concentrates—it all depends on how you prefer your sessions to be held. If you are at a lowkey event and want to be discreet, you will go towards vaporizers that are small, compact, and portable. However, if you desire to enjoy your sessions with friends at a party, then you’ll need to bring out a device that is mind blowing and a complete showstopper.

White and Black Spatter Wulf UNI S standing near white shoe outside

Portable Vapes are Lightweight and Easy to Use

If your goal is to use your vape discreetly, then there is no question about which type of device you should go for. A portable device can be easily slipped into your pockets and also be used without drawing any attention.

Portable devices are also quite popular these days. Disposable vaporizers and 510 cartridge devices are hitting the market in a blink of an eye! Check out portable vaporizers like the Sutra Mini, Wulf UNI S, Exxus Snap VV, and more.

Volcano Classic Onyx Edition standing on glass table inside office building

Desktop Vaporizers are Aesthetically Pleasing and Great for Group Use

Desktop vapes are usually used for group sessions. Desktop devices like the Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer Onyx Edition are a popular vaporizing tool on the market. With the Volcano’s high-quality build, this unique vaporizer is perfect for group use. Desktop vaporizing units typically have larger bowls than portable units, so your party guests can enjoy multiple hits as much as they desire. With portable units, you will have to reload your device repeatedly.

Follow Your Budget

Always follow your budget and understand the differences. Usually, desktop units are more expensive than portable units. Desktop units have more complicated and distinct functions to follow compared to portable units with a simple single-button operation. If you are looking for an affordable and cheaper unit, try out portable vaporizers for materials of your choice.


The difference between portable and desktop vaping is really all up to your choice! If you are the type of vaper to chill at home, then it is recommended to go with desktop vaporizers. If you are someone who goes to a lot of rock shows, hiking trips, etc., then you’ll have the best time with a portable vaporizer that you can take anywhere you go. Don't get caught in a dilemma with choosing the right device for you, whether it is a desktop or a portable unit.