The Got Vape Guide to Nectar Collectors

Apr 22, 2024
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It’s time for you to have a little sit down with Got Vape to talk about a story called the dabs and the bees. You see when someone really loves to dab, they start to wonder if there is something out there to let you enjoy each other's company even more. That’s where our hungry bee, the Nectar Collector, arrives to introduce us to a new world of easy dabbing bliss that eliminates the middleman to give you a real sting of a hit.

But what exactly is all the buzz about nectar collectors you may ask? Continue reading to learn what these potent devices are, how they function, and what some great options are for you to dive into the world of nectar collecting right now! 

What in the World is a Nectar Collector?

If traditional dab rigs were lets say, a .22 rifle for shooting cans, then the nectar collector is the double barrel shotgun for blasting demons in the face. These open barrel straight shooters hover above your waxy materials and suck up all the precious concentrate vapor, just like a UFO abducting loggers on their way home from work.

Essentially nectar collectors are straight glass tubes with a variety of accessories that allow you to heat the straw end before gently placing it above your concentrates to inhale as much as you can handle. The sky really is the limit with the level of clouds you blow from a nectar collector as there’s no loading necessary; you just dab straight from the glass container. The open tube design of nectar collectors allows for much larger hits than a traditional rig, you simply keep dabbing as long as your straw is hot enough.

While there is a ton of variance in overall nectar collecting design the uniting factor lies in their straight tube method of providing dab hits. With no barriers between you and your wax, the nectar collector offers the most pure way to enjoy your concentrates. As a whole Nectar Collectors offer a more affordable method to get into dabbing, as they are much smaller than the average rig. Additionally these pieces are typically hand held in design, so safely transporting them along your travels is dead easy.

Embrace Tradition with Glass Nectar Collectors

Glass nectar collectors that require a heating element or torch to operate are what we refer to as the classic design. They are the OG’s of the nectar collecting game and offer the benefits of analog dabbing, all within their compact glass bodies. Here are three great options to start your nectar collecting journey the old school way.

Zig Zag Nectar Collector sitting on office desk on black wooden table

Zig Zag Nectar Collector with 10mm Titanium Tip

For a more colorful option the Zig Zag Nectar Collector with 10mm Titanium Tip is ready to provide with its fumed borosilicate glass donut design. Thanks to its ergonomic shape the Zig Zag fits perfectly in your hand to allow for precision nectar collecting from your glass jar. The Zig Zag features a premium titanium tip to ensure it has the utmost of durability and makes it a great option to throw in your backpack for camping, hiking, or a trip to a friend's place.

Connect Wood Nectar Collector on white counter with goo

Connect Wood Nectar Collector

For a more all natural take the Connect Wood Nectar Collector is a beautiful looking rig that looks as good in use as it does on your desk. With a choice between three different real wood body designs including bamboo, ebony, and walnut; there is more than enough choice to personalize your nectar collector. Connect utilizes traditional glass airway technology to make sure you are getting the quintessential nectar collector blast every time. As an added bonus the Connect Nectar Collector comes with a dedicated base to place it safely in between hits and sessions.

Jump to the Future with Electric Nectar Collectors

On the more technical side of things lies the more technology infused nectar collectors and their modern electronic take on the all in one design. While more expensive than the traditional nectar collectors, these choices offer a host of advantages that can make the purchase worth those extra pennies. Check out a selection of some of the best electric Nectar Collectors out on the market today.

man holding Wulf Razr black red spatter inside studio

Wulf Razr Nectar Collector Hot Knife

The Wulf Mods Razr Nectar Collector and Hot Knife is a perfect example of what the more cutting edge versions can offer, with its 2 in 1 functionality providing unparalleled options to your sessions. Doubling as both a hot knife for moving your concentrates and a straight inhaling nectar collector, Wulf has ensured that you are always in control of your concentrates. With no more need for sticky metal tools the hot knife makes precision dosing with your nectar collector easier than ever.

Yocan Phaser Nectar Collector standing on black counter with purple lighting

Yocan Black Phaser Arc Nectar Collector

Looking like something out of Star Trek, the Yocan Black Phaser Arc Nectar Collector is the perfect high end option to take advantage of all the modern advancements in one convenient hand held package. Running off of a seriously beefy 1,800mAh battery and equipped with variable voltage between 2 - 4.2v, the Phaser is an incredibly powerful piece of dabbing technology. With no need for a torch, nectar collecting has truly never been easier while at the same times doubling as a more approachable entry method for those new to dabbing.

In Conclusion, You Catch More Flies with Nectar

The main things to know about nectar collectors are that they are simple to operate, travel well, and allow you to take much larger hits than a regular rig. On top of all these they also have an incredible amount of variance between them so make sure to really take a look at the highlights we’ve shone a spotlight on here. All of these great nectar collectors and more are available here at Got Vape, so make sure to check them out! Keep an eye on the Got Vape Blog for more tips and breakdowns of all your soon to be favorite products!