The Wulf Next

Nov 16, 2020

Introducing the all new Wulf NEXT Dry herb vaporizer, all units with different colors

Introducing the All New Wulf Next!

The NEXT Best Thing

Superior Sessions & Performance

Wulf NEXT key features full color and green unit

Say hello to innovation! Say hello to portable use, say hello to superior performance. An all-new standout on the market, the Wulf Next by Wulf Mods is exactly what you need for elevated sessions and a matching performance. Utilizing haptic feedback, 30 second heat up time, 5 temperature settings and rapid USB charging, the Next will be your next favorite device.

To get things started simply press on the power button 5 times. Note, if not done quick enough the device won’t register the action and won’t work. Once on, easily navigate through the temperature settings by clicking the power button 2 times in a row. Bright LED light indicators will light up in occurrence to the temperature level from 356° to 428°.

For manufacturers this is a big deal, but when you dive more into what it is and what it means for the industry, you’ll realize it’s a big deal for you as a vaper too.

Silver Wulf NEXT on wooden background

Another handy feature of the Wulf Next is the incorporation of power boost mode. While activated in power boost, the lights will flash allowing the temperature to rise 10 degrees for 5 seconds. For safety precautions the Wulf Next has an automatic shut off time of 4 minutes to prevent wasting of power or overheating.

Pack it Up

Using the Wulf Next

Loading the Wulf NEXT instructions

Before using the Wulf Next start by prepping your herbs. Begin by grinding up your herbs and then fill the vape with the desired amount in the chamber. Keep in mind, packing too much can overfill the device and block the airway. To prevent overpacking, make sure to pack the chamber about halfway.

Blue Wulf NEXT on wooden table with items in the background

Remove the magnetic mouthpiece then load herbs loosely and pack it into the chamber. Once done, put the mouthpiece back on and it is ready for use. Easy as that!

What’s in the Box

What Comes with Your Device

  • 2 screens
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning Tool
  • USB Cable

Red Wulf NEXT on wooden background with details

Subtle, easy to use with leading performance, the Wulf Next by Wulf Mods is an innovative device delivering a performance that rivals devices out on the market. Perfect for on the go use or even chilling at home, indulge in the incredible vapor of Wulf Next by Wulf Mods.