To The Old Town Road

Apr 30, 2019

Old Town Road Photoshoot

You could hear the chirping of birds as the sun emerged, shinning its rays across the sky. This twisting two-lane scenic, historic State Route 74 highway reaches over Orange County all the way over to Inland Empire and everywhere in between. Spanning over 28.2 miles of long winding mountains, pine forests and pastoral valleys, this old town road lead Got Vape to the perfect spot for a photoshoot.

Models in motorcycle gear holding vaporizers

An Old Town Road

Held at local motorcycle bar, Hell’s Kitchen 74; Got Vape was able to make this local treasure come alive through the remarkable photography styles of Natasha Hayes and captivating videography from Philip Ramirez.

Marketing photoshoot with models in motorcycle clothing

Renowned for their great tasting food and equally impressive beers, Hell’s Kitchen 74 did not disappoint, living to their name all while providing excellent customer service. They allowed three models to explore their restaurant, posing on everything from pool tables to bar tops, getting great shots while attracting admiration from a few locals. Selina Bautista, makeup artist transformed our talent; Ashley, Marita and Matt, as stylish Astrid Montalbo, got them into killer wardrobe, incorporating unique, dynamic fashion pieces. With an urban, drive bar background, Phillip and Natasha were able to create incredible content including products from brands including Exxus Vape, Wulf Mods, Sutra Vape and of course Got Vape.

Continuing to work as the blue skies turned into vast sunsets, Got Vape was able to get unbelievable shots that are sure to captivate our viewers. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the final shots!

Old Town Road behind the scenes photos

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Brands: @Gotvape;; @Exxusvape; @Wulfmods; @Sutravape

Models: Ashley @ashleytayloo, Marita @maritagomsrud, Matt @hazyreefinlissy

Makeup Artist: Selina Bautista @Selina_makeupartist

Wardrobe: Astrid @styledby_astrid

Restaurant: Hell’s Kitchen 74 @hellskitchen74