Top 8 Must-Visit Dab and Vaporizer Subreddits

Dec 18, 2023

Top 8 Must-Visit Dab and Vaporizer Subreddits

Gather all your insights into vaping and dabbing in the digital realm through Reddit forums, and connect with fellow vapers like yourself online. These online communities are bustling hubs where vaping enthusiasts, novices, and experts converge to share experiences, seek advice, and stay updated on the latest trends. Whether you're on the lookout for device recommendations or troubleshooting tips or simply eager to connect with like-minded individuals, these subreddits serve as virtual meeting grounds where the passion for vaping and dabbing is celebrated, and knowledge is freely exchanged.

Here are eight subreddits you need to check out:

r/VaporEnts – (233K) VaporEnts, Reddit's largest community focusing on cannabis flower vaporizers, is a thriving hub directed toward cannabis vapes. This popular community provides a wealth of information on vaporizing dry herbs or concentrates, making it the go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking valuable insights and engaging discussions. Join VaporEnts and immerse yourself in cannabis vaping with a passionate, informed community ready to share their expertise.

r/VapePorn – (52K) The subreddit for vaping oils, concentrates, and herbs with pens or other devices. This is a subreddit for vapers to share their excitement for their gear with other enthusiasts.

r/vape_memes – (7.2K) Bring some fun and laughter to your vape sessions and enjoy entertaining memes and posts you can relate to.

r/vapecarts – (5.8k) This is a subreddit on pre-filled cannabis vape cartridges. It involves discussion, questions, reviews, news, hauls, and pictures on anything related to smoking pre-filled THC or CBD vaporizers.

r/entwives — (118K) Entwives is a subreddit welcoming women who use cannabis, with an inclusive space that embraces the LGBTQ+ and gender-minority communities.

r/Dabs — (114K) This subreddit is the ultimate community for dab enthusiasts! Visitors can join to explore the world of concentrates, share tips, and indulge in captivating visuals. From technique discussions to product reviews, this subreddit is the go-to platform for all dabbing needs. Join the conversation and elevate your dabbing experience with this passionate community.

r/puffco — (47K) A subreddit established solely for discussing Puffco devices and products. This community is dedicated to conversing about Puffco's various latest offerings.

r/craftymighty – (2.1k) Dedicated to the Storz and Bickel Mighty and Crafty vaporizers, this compact community is an ideal starting point for individuals with questions or inquiries about these devices.

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An Overview of Dab and Vaporizer Subreddits

It’s always a pleasure to be knowledgeable about your vaping hobbies and sessions. If you have any questions regarding a specific device or anything related to dabbing and vaping, Reddit is always there for you, with many vapers in the community. Read away and learn more!

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