Traveling: Your Vape and You

Dec 16, 2016

Traveling Your Vape & You

Traveling, Your Vape & You

Vaping on the Plane/In the Airport

Many airports have banned smoking but do have areas set aside for those who choose to continue the habit. Because vaping does resemble smoking, it is best to do your vaping only where smoking is permitted to avoid a confrontation.

As far as vaping on the plane, well, check with the specific airline. Many are going to tell you that it is not allowed. Also, don’t even think about stealth vaping. It’s already been proven that vapor can set off a smoke alarm. That’s not something you want happening while you’re 30,000 feet above the ground.

Carrying Your Battery/Mod

Be prepared to carry your kit such as the OSUB Plus 80W Box Mod with you. New TSA guidelines state that you cannot check your battery/mod in with your luggage. These recommendations came about due to concern of fire and explosion risk of low-quality lithium ion batteries.

Another concern is e-liquid. There are ounce limitations for how much liquid you can carry onto a plane. As long as you keep your e-liquid in the size bottles permissible by the TSA, you shouldn’t have a problem carrying it.

You should even be able to bring your vaporizer and accoutrements through customs, providing that e-cigs are not banned where you’re going.

Keep in mind, however, there is a proposed law that would effectively ban e-cigarettes and portable vaporizers from planes entirely.

Travel in Banned Countries

Certain countries have made the possession, sale, and/or use of an e-cig illegal. Here’s a list of which countries and why. Before you travel and bring along a vaping device, make sure you won’t be traveling in one of these countries. Some are cool with tourists vaping, but others are not. Best to be sure before you travel outside of the country.

Disassembled vs. Assembled Gear

Since you have to carry your vape kit with you on the plane and you’re not allowed to vape while in flight, it’s best to disassemble your gear before traveling. Carrying your fully assembled vaporizer in your purse/bag/pocket may seem like a good idea, but you could accidentally engage it. If you have removeable batteries like the Wulf Maxx 18650 Battery, take them out and put them in a separate container. This ensures that your vape is turned off and cannot discharge power.

Also, detach your clearomizers/atomizers – one Reddit user recommends wrapping them in a paper towel and storing in prescription bottles – and store them as well. The change in air-pressure can force e-liquid like Berry Lemonade by Carnival Juice Roll Upz out of the air holes in a clearomizer or an atomizer, which is why wrapping them in a towel and putting them in a bottle will contain any mess. Put your e-juice bottles and your bottled clearomizers/atomizers into a Ziploc bag to store your kit in one place. You should also completely drain your tanks before travel.

A Word on Marijuana Vaping and Travel

Even if you come from a state where marijuana is legal, beware carrying a marijuana-packed vaporizer like the Exxus Mini to other states/countries where the same legality is not enjoyed. Drug dogs can sniff out concentrates. You can be caught and will have to face the legal repercussions.

Cultural Differences

In the United States, vaping is gaining traction as an alternative to smoking. While many restaurants, airports, and bars are banning smoking, vaping has been met with either the same feeling or indifference.

While vapor is not an equivalent of smoke, one must take into consideration that it certainly looks similar. Vaping in public can lead to questions about vaping – or it can lead to being told to go do it elsewhere or cease completely, particularly if smoking is banned

While in the U.S. “vape culture” is more in-your-face, in England it is more laid back. Do your research prior to travel about how vaping is perceived where you’re going. If you find yourself in a crowd of people – asking before you vape, just like asking before you light up – is the polite thing to do.

A Final Word

If you must travel, it is always best to be prepared beforehand. A little research on Google about whether or not your device is acceptable where you’re heading is never a bad idea.

Contact the airline you will be traveling to ask questions about their specific guidelines. If traveling by rail, contact them as well. Asking about charging your e-cig on the plane or about vaping on the plane can prevent embarrassment.