Vape Spotlight Must Haves for July

Jul 21, 2017

Vape Spotlight July Must Haves on blue background

Vape Spotlight- Must haves for July

In a booming industry, new vaporizers are consistently hitting the marketplace which can become overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, how can you possible know what works and what is just the fad for the week? Here are a few new vaporizers that will outperform and outlast many others.

Sutra DBR

The Sutra DBR Portable eNail Kit by Sutra Vape will change the way you enjoy your concentrates forever. Sutra Vape hit it out of the park with this sleek concentrate rig that’s powered by a rechargeable and replaceable 18650 Sutra battery. What makes the Sutra DBR unique is the 4 interchangeable nails (Titanium, Silicon Carbide, Quartz, & Ceramic) that each offer a different taste while dabbing. Preset temperature settings are also in place to match the nail being used with the ideal dab temp.

The replaceable heating base makes changing out your coils easier than ever before, which will save you money and time so you’re never without your dab rig. Efficient heating is never going to be a problem with a maximum temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the DBR gives you all the power needed for the perfect vape session. The DBR kit comes with a mini recycler bubbler, but you can also purchase two additional glass piece attachments like the Single Perc Recycler Bubbler or the eNail Glass Drop Down Bubbler. The entire Sutra DBR kit comes in a nifty carrying case with all of the attachments you will ever need for only $199.99.

Wulf DUO

The Wulf Duo by Wulf Mods is taking the growing popularity of the replaceable oil cartridges to a next level. The Wulf Duo comes with 2 different types of cartridges to elevate your concentrate game. The first cartridge is a dual quartz concentrate cartridge that allows you to vaporizer thicker concentrates, while the glass cartridge is perfect for lighter oils. An added feature to the Duo is the optional preheat function for thicker essential oils. The preheat function liquefies your oils without wasting any product.

Four variable voltage settings give your concentrates the perfect vape without that burning aftertaste. The settings are easy to change and cycle through with their color identification. Blue is the lowest setting at just 3.4v, green at 3.6v, orange at 3.8v and the highest is red at 40v. Backed by a 10-year warranty and a price point of just 49.99, the Wulf Duo is the perfect discreet concentrate vaporizer for everyone.

Solo 2

The Solo 2 is the long awaited second version of the Solo by Arizer. The Solo 2 boasts a more powerful battery, improved airflow, a stylish LED display, customizable setting for a unique personal vaping experience and massive thick vapor production unmatched by any other device.

One of the best things about the Arizer Solo 2 is its ability to pinpoint the perfect temperature for the different variations of dry herbs you put inside of it. Its glass borosilicate mouthpiece allows the flavor of your dry herbs to travel up through the pure convection heating chamber to your mouth without losing any flavor. If you’re looking for a high-end dry herb vaporizer with great flavor, long lasting battery, as well as perfect for home and on the go, the Solo 2 is the perfect vaporizer for you.


SMOK continues to dominate the e-liquid vaporizer industry with yet another pristine mod in the T-Priv. The futuristic looking mod claims its conquest is of the sea of stars and backs that up with a maximum output of 220 watts. It’s oversized fire button is very user friendly for any level of vaper and the adjustable LED screen will let you change the colors to meet your demands.

The T-Priv kit is completed with the TFV8 Big Baby tank that is powered by the V8 Baby-Q2 core and V8 Baby-T8 core with a 5ml capacity to fill with your favorite e-liquid. The T-Priv comes in 7 finished unique colors with more variations on the horizon for release. At 64.99 the T-Priv by SMOK will power you to another planet.