What is mAh?

Jan 10, 2020

What is mAh and Why it Matters?

What is mAh and Why it Matters

So, What is mAh?

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mAh describes the milliampere-hour and defines the total charge capacity of your device’s battery. As a unit for measuring electrical power over a length of time, mAh is used for explaining how much energy a battery can store at one time. For example, say a battery is rated at 1000 mAh, it can last about an hour delivering one amp of power (1,000 milliamperes= 1 amp) before it is completely drained.

This means when the battery is fully charged with a higher mAh rating, it can power the device for longer or stronger before it dies and needs to be re-charged.

How mAh Affects Your Device

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Now that we have a better understanding of mAh let's get into how it affects your device.

So, understanding mAh is necessary for calculating how much battery life you will get. First, you will have to know how much electrical current your battery and cartomizer use when engaged.

For beginners, this process can be a bit tricky. Start by dividing the voltage of your battery by the resistance level of your atomizer/cartomizer.

For example, a 2.5 ohm atomizer paired with a 3.7 volt battery would draw about 1.48 amps (or 1480 mAh). If your battery or atomizer has a different voltage or resistance, try using the Ohm's Law Calculator to determine the electrical current drawn by your device (in amps). Once you get that, then multiply it by 1000 to arrive at your milliampere number.

Estimating Number of Puffs per Battery

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The final step in utilizing your new knowledge of mAh is to estimate how many puffs or draws you get before recharging. To determine this, simply divide the total number of seconds you divide the total number of seconds you got to by the number of seconds your average draw lasts.

For instance, your average draw us about 3 seconds long, using the example above you could get approximately 265 puffs out of your battery.

Calculating the lifespan of your battery isn't an exact science since resistance levels can vary by as much as 0.2 ohms up or down once when in use, but this will at least give you a close idea of how long your battery will last.

We hope this was both helpful as well as educational for our vape enthusiasts out there and hope to see you at our next blog!

Happy Vaping!