Why Isn’t My Vape Heating and Why Does It Keep Flashing Lights?

Apr 4, 2023

Why isn't my Vape Heating with Exxus Mini Plus and Snap VV on tableIf you are experiencing constant vape problems, we got your back! Many vaporizers can start showing difficulties over time but don’t just throw your vape away, understand what is causing this issue.

An overly suggested question is, why is my vape flashing lights, and why won’t it heat up correctly? There are simple ways to solve this issue. First, ensure you know how to activate the preheat function of your vape—press its power button twice, and if you want to adjust its temperature, press its button 3X. When a device shows troubleshooting issues, ensure you know its complication. Here are easy ways to fix a troubled vaporizer:

Keep Your Coils Clean

A clean coil is important for your sessions, as it is crucial for a decent inhale. To clean your coils, use a cotton swab and dampen it with isopropyl alcohol. Then, wipe the dirty edges. If your coil is worn from too much use, purchase a new one for a better intake.

Use Matching Accessories

Always use compatible attachments or parts for your device. For example, many vapes with a magnetic 510-thread connection come with extra rings. Make sure you are using the same ones when you replace them.

Fasten Your Cartridge Correctly

Always tighten your cartridges properly. If your device is too tightened or too loose, this will cause your device to blink lights or not heat at all.

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