Why You Need To Invest In A Hot Knife

Mar 1, 2023

Why You Need To Invest in a Hot KnifeSlice your dabs like honey by investing in a hot knife tool! If you love dabs, hot knives will make your sessions easier, faster, and messy-free. A hot knife is a heating dab tool that helps handling concentrates.

Concentrates are smooth and perfect to consume for a session, however, they can be very difficult at first. Not every dab session has to be a sticky situation! An amazing factor about hot knives is that you can easily move your wax from the concentrate container to your dab rig.

Wulf Mods RAZR Nectar Collector and Hot Knife

Slides Into The Banger

Hot knives melts the wax and makes it simpler to grab and release. A goal for every dab sesh is to easily pick up your concentrates and let it smoothly slide from the knife tip to your rig. Effortlessly, preheat the tip of your knife, pick up a decent amount of wax, and drop it straight into your banger.

Puffco Hot Knife resting on office table

No Mess Whatsoever!

Unlike any other dab tool, hot knives carve concentrates with such ease. With the help of hot knives, you will no longer encounter nasty dab tools, or sticky residue on clothing or surfaces. Hot Knives prevent wax extracts from getting lodged, which helps every gathering process unchallenging and trouble-free.

At Got Vape, we offer a variety of high-quality and portable hot knives that makes loading concentrates simple and convenient. Improve your dabs with devices like the Wulf Mods RAZR and the Puffco Hot Knife. In addition, we supply 510-threaded Wulf Mods Hot Knife Tips for a continuous and fulfilling dab session. Make sure to also check out our vaporizers at GotVape.com!